So what happens if a Saudi citizen wants to marry a Muslim who is not a Saudi citizen?

Well, first a man must be no older than 55 years old, or 50 for a woman. Any older than this, and the marriage is not allowed.

Even if they are under this age, the person they...

...want to marry must be no less than 15 years younger than them. So a 54 year old man cannot marry a 38 year old woman - if she is not a Saudi citizen.

A man must be no younger than 40 to marry a non-Saudi citizen, and a woman may be no younger than 30.

The marriage requires a government approval, and that will only be granted to a Saudi man who has a salary of over 3000 rials (around 800 USD) and owns a house.

If the Saudi citizen wishing to marry is divorced, they may not marry the non-Saudi until 2 years after divorce.

If the Saudi citizen wants to marry a non-Saudi citizen as a second wife, he will need a certificate from a hospital stating that his first wife is unable to have sexual intercourse, or unable to bear children. The certificate must be endorsed by the ministry of health.

The man also has to sign a certificate recognizing that his wife may not have the right to the Saudi nationality.

A non-Saudi citizen is not allowed to marry a Saudi woman as a second wife under any circumstances. He must also prove he has no criminal record and no...

...infectious or genetic diseases. He can never have served in the military of any country, must have a salary of at least 4000 riyal (around 1100 USD), must have a valid residence permit, and must own a house or apartment.

Any non-Saudi citizen wanting to marry a Saudi citizen must have a nationality. Stateless individuals do not have the legal right to marry.

The individual will also have to pass a series of security checks before the marriage is approved.

Really, is this what you traded the sharia for? And you call this progress?

This is partly a symptom of the modern model of governance. These laws are mainly about preventing non-citizens from benefiting from the social services in the country and taking more wealth...

...than they generate for the country. This is a natural consequence of a system that maintains order not based on belief in Allah, but based on satisfying the desires of the people.

Why are Europe and America more open when it comes to citizenship, although they provide...

...similar services in terms of legal protections, infrastructure, education, and health care?

Europe and America derive their wealth largely from productive activities like manufacturing and services rather than natural resource extraction. Expanding the labor pool...

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