exo are so problematic. they’re racist, colorist (especially to kai), fatphobic, sexist, homophobic, and more... if any of them were ugly like sh1nd0ng they would’ve been cancelled just like him lol
kpoppers are really selective when talking about ca.. theres so much of it on kpop and yall wanna cancel some but not your favs lmao
the fact that some of yall are so invested in ur idols sexual lives and what they do/dont do is so fucking weird 💀
Jamie has been the realest artist I've seen in a very long time in SK besides her inpecable talent but somehow stant twt just desperately finds a way to hate on her over the smallest things and forget how much of a good person she actually is...
I don't actually hate Hwasa 💀 I just like to hate on her because everyone does, she's talented though, I would have ult her if she wasn't hated
taemin sexuality song of the year every year
purplebeck, dreamnote, gugudan, noir, xeno-t and 24k deserve so much better !! pls check them out <3
putangina wae
Kpoptwt is too weird, scary and toxic, your gonna cancel me because i didn't like a bside ????? Emailing someone's school just because they said smth weird about a member ?????
when will people stop writing fandom fics or writing one shots of fandoms have a sexual tension moment like why not just straight up say youre a virgin and move on with your day? :(
kpop fans are so weird, you could say that you don’t like a groups song and then somebody will pop up out of nowhere and be like “did you just call me a *SLUR*”
am I the only one who would unstan my fave if they came out?
half of the people that uses cix for their usernames don’t even stan or like the boys :((
I saw some stans mocking red velvet's album sales but they don't know that their company keeps on understocking their album. Reve Festival Finale went out of stock for like three times and their fans would go hunger games just to grab that album.
too long
Idk why fans get so upset about idols dating, it's not like you had a chance anyway 😂😂😂😂
i think its really toxic for fans to call certain bg members who appear feminine gay (chanhee,daehwi) and the opposite too for gg(irene) bc theyre based on stereotypes:// especially when they get rumors and back lash
even Nicki couldn’t save idol :( the song was so bad omg but ppl are too afraid to admit it
those carat edgelords with anime pfps are mostly bullies who think they're better than everyone else, "progressives" who think someone being problematic cancels out their equally problematic behavior 🥴
orbits and nctzens are more subdued versions of blinks and armys 👁👄👁
some of y’all really need to stop coming onto this app and finish your homework before tweeting about how much you want to peg taeyong so badly
every fandom has toxic fans so saying one fandom is “more toxic” especially when comparing a big one to a smaller one is stupid.
Someone else in kpop gotta come out QUICK bc i'm tired of you guys pretending you like holland's music
reveluv is the most unproblematic big gg fandom
before learning the stray kids I thought that woojin and seungmin looked alike
red velvet is going to tank if sm doesn’t hurry up and release some shit
the minute another group is doing good and armys feel threatened they start acting like it’s the end of the world
atinys are slowly moving like armys 😴
jessi has said the n word & the f slur, she blackfishes, and has done some more fucked up shit but y’all continue to ignore that because her music is “SOOOO” good
when getting into bts i had gotten to where i learned everyone's name and matched it to their face easily, but i kept confusing jin and jimin because of the names. by the end of watching american hustle life i had learned them all though
sm should do co-ed subunits
stan twitter only hard cancels girl groups for their problematic actions, bgs get away with it and they say "you can still stan if you hold them accountable!" but never give gg's and their stans the same leeway. its misogynist as fuck
sf9 deserve the popularity ateez have
gay gg male fans are a little too comfortable with making jokes about female idols getting plastic surgery
since smtm is all about rap and hiphop, shouldn’t they... idk. get people from THE culture like legit black rappers from the US to guest and judge? (1/2)
Its not their culture to begin with, and they can teach them more about CA and shit and actually learn from it rather than have toxic competition and all those shitty editing. (2/2)
y do ppl hate multis or other stans like damn unless they're horrible human beings literally just let them vibe 😭😭
people need to stop bringing up other idols problematic past when their idol does something bad. like how does bringing up what xyz did clear what your idol did. it just makes no sense. i hold my favs accountable and educate them, you hold your favs accountable and educate them.
sometimes i just sit and think about how yuju massacred everybody during that butterfly collab stage
blackpink having like 17 or something songs is not something to brag about. i get the idea that they've achieved a lot with a small discography, but that doesn't mean you should be proud that the girls are being held back and neglected/controlled.
am i the only one concerned about everglow in some of the performanced. moon is an amazing song but the choreo has them spreading their legs while sitting on chairs and the youngest member is only 19 plus have a mostly male fanbase.
gfriend flopping on the charts because of apple jokes aren’t funny
most of u on kpop twt need to step outside look at the real world and get some actual fucking friends and human interactions
btspoppers needs to stop rubbing to other stans faces their achievements when they're celebrating their own like we get it okay let us have our moment
if there is no blinks, gg fandom will be calmer
Blinks are so incredibly toxic. They try to turn each member against each other and then act all innocent when they comeback. Don’t act like you’re better than knetz, you’re exactly the same, you made Jennie go through hell and caused her to be depressed.
Idk why fans are calling everglow "the queens of 4th gen" when they aren't even that successful. The only reason why everglow is popular is bcoz they have more number of views and some good songs but other than that they are just tanking on digitals and physical sales lol
kpop stans don’t give a fuck about natives and CA
Taemin's Criminal and Never Gonna Dance Again Act 1 SOTY and AOTY. Breathe if you agree.
tw // rape & death

some of yall take fanwars too seriously. Yall dont even think twice before giving death threats, rape threats just because YOUR fave got dragged. Yall really low to wish DEATH to my FAMILY. you all bunch of deranged people
blackpink are more problematic than idle
nctzens should stop sleeping on jeno as a dancer!!! hype him up for it
cix’s storyline is the best out of 4th gen groups beside txt and skz. they’re literally in hell
Why yg only kick out Hanbin and not gd and top too? Hanbin just purchase and didnt take it while gd and top smoke marijuana. Seems like they only care about money
cix is literally everything yall ask for. perfect discography, mind blowing storyline and concepts, great vocals... they’re more than ‘a group that debuted with movie star’. and also do check out their horror october comeback on 27th !!
why not is slowly aging for me.. maybe it’s because i was streaming it a week ago :/
GOT7 is literally my everything but birds are changing that because all they do is complain, look down on other JYP groups and send hates to JYP when he does not even manage GOT7
BOA paved the way.
Secret Number is hated for no reason :( the girls literally haven’t done anything (well maybe for the yeji thing but still it wasn’t that bad)
If miyeon debuted with BP she would be so popular than idle and she would get the recognition she deserve" but still BP as 4 is already the best and she's happy with Idle
Accept it or not pporappippam actually the best release of 2020, the concept the retro vibes the performances everything are simply perfect and ethereal. And of course (1/2)
the FCKING BRIDGE WITH THE INSTRUMENTS.. a life changing experience. Pporappippam saved 2020. Therefore pporappippam SOTY y'all are not ready for the conversation tbh (2/2)
blinks should stop putting the blame on YG for all the rude things that blackpink has done themself
Taehyung and Rosé have got the most annoying solo stans. They love to argue with other armys and blinks and blame the company. Like no BH isn't mistreating tae stop making those dumb threads and rosénators are arguing just bcoz of a chair like how dumb can this both stans get?
winwin was not meant to be a kpop idol!
so what by loona was trash like seriously trash
the kpop industry is racist entirely and stans actively ignoring that and making jokes and putting money into the pockets of racists and just ignorant men is just so hypocritical to me
i think yangyang from wayv is secretly evil like
mark carrying the rapping in nct on his back like the rest of them always stumbling on their words... find the beat!
we need women in kpop to have to do time in the army so we can finally be free of wendy and hwasa
honestly bts stans can be ignorant and obsessive but so many other stans instigate problems with them when they could just not engage i think
notice how when ifans get upset from ca or just wtv bad things idols do companies don't blink an eye but when kfans get mad they go crazy and try to fix it
everyone says nctzens always hide problematic shit but honestly they're the one most loudest when calling out nct
nctzens do not call nct out on their shit...they just make jokes about everything and leave it up to God...
adult kpop stans need to get a life.. idgaf if idols are their age y’all look dumb getting in fanwars when you got work in the morning
holland is lowkey becoming a muscle daddy
Sm so stupid if they not give d.o debut solo. He can eat everyone up.
TXT have the most diverse and amazing discography in the entirety of 4th gen. They are wayy too good for a 1 year old group and are on par with the best of the best kpop groups ALREADY. The only thing they need is recognition nothing else to become the biggest group.
chanyeol sehun and baekhyun from exo kinda aged badly you cant deny that
i think taemin is gay and he deserves better
idgaf what yall say about bp's music and calling it noises etc. if they make 100 gecs music, let them be and i'll be shaking my ass
gaytwt is literally so god damn annoying first of all lets not act like you sissies didn’t eat up every release until PLAY and then go on to act a fool and mock her not only for her appearance but also acting like she doesn’t have CLASSICS like (1/2)
Rollercoaster Gotta Go etc you gays making fun of her AND Park Bom for surgery will always be rooted in misogyny like how do yall got miss Bom in your mouth when she dont even do shit😟 (2/2)
txt november cb made more noise than twice ngl
i honestly dont know how\\why so many people like dynamite.. like i know that they do but.. i seriously cant understand. am i the only one?
if bp was active and had albums and songs like others they wouldve been more popular than they are rn
danceracha (stray kids dance line) should make an official debut w new members 👍
jyp is a shitty company but have the most unique and talented groups who has diversity in music genre
armys need to mind their actual business...acting like the kpop police when their favs also did problematic things
so many kpop stans look down on jyp groups because they have weak visuals
most kpop idols cant sing live while dancing and most of the time lip sync stan groups how good their music is
i always read superm as sperm and i can't read it properly
the fact some stans (including oh my girl stans) say that “ur faves do it too” when someone call out a group for racism or ca like there’s no point 😭😭 just admit that ur faves are wrong it’s not that hard 😭😭
stray kids are so underrated.. i used to hate them because stan twitter made them look so bad (around June last year) but i got into them when they released levanter and ever since then i have been loving their music and content so much. (1/2)
their songs are so meaningful and the members are amazing. stray kids need more recognition. (2/2)
It’s so weird to me how ppl hate multi stans like in what world are you only listening to one single artist??? You can like multiple groups it’s not illegal you psychos
Baby armies are the beginning reason of fanwars including bts and other groups and the new armies are brainwashed and discredit other artist and brag about bts achievements and growth when they just joined newly and the don't deserve the right to brag about bts growth
fanwars between blinks and armys are utterly pointless like both groups are successful af and some stans are blinded by bitterness and hatred like stfu they're both SUCCESSFUL go cry about it weirdos
Moas are the most unproblematic fandom ever.
kpop stans are losers
the downfall of my life was becoming a nctzen
skz are gay
Armys would be the first one to say "privileged" and talk about bts struggles if any grp from big3 achieve smthing new but when kpop stans say txt and enhypen were overhyped since pre debut they will start attacking u. Like pick a struggle txt and enhypen also had it really easy
I think that Lucas smells musty but like a good type of musty idk how to describe it but he just does
stan twt has made everyone believe that got7 arent talented/successful but only after listening to them unknowingly very recently did i realize that ahgases werent actually kidding about stan twt paying the group dust.
TXT literally the perfect kpop group. Each member could be a visual, each member has amazing stage presence, each member could be a lead/main vocalist in any other 4th gen group, and each member can rap. (1/2)
Their storyline and discography is cherry on TOP. Stan TXT and stream their comeback BLUE HOUR on October 26th. (2/2)
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