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In the coming days we are going to be doing a few threads to educate the public. @dbongino @JudicialWatch @TomFitton @marklevinshow have openly talked about Transition Integrity Project or TIP. Is Twitter censoring TIP? We have MORE info happening behind the scenes.
In 2017, Protect Democracy was founded by former high-level executive officials who worked in the White House Counsel’s office & the DOJ. Protect Democracy claims to be nonpartisan. In 2019, Protect Democracy organized Transition Integrity Project.
TIP was organized by Rosa Brooks & Nils Gilman. Brooks served in the Pentagon as a high-level official & sits on the board of Open Society Foundation (Soros’ Foundation) Gilman is an author & VP of Programs at Berggruen Institute & appears on Rockefeller Foundation website.
Why was TIP started? “Out of concern Trump may seek to ignore, undermine, or disrupt the 2020 election and transition process”
So Brooks & Gilman organized a group of over 100 participants to act out 2020 election crisis scenario planning exercises
Some of the participants of TIP exercises have spoken out writing in newspapers or social media routes while others have anonymity due to “exercises being conducted under Chatham-House Rules”
Names we know who attended:

@MichaelSteele Former chair of RNC. Just came out and endorsed Biden.

@johnpodesta Former @BillClinton Chief of Staff, Counselor to @BarackObama & chaired @HillaryClinton Failed POTUS campaign.

@JenGranholm Former MI AG, and former MI Governor
Former Sec of state in KY @KYTrey who also lost to Rand Paul in 2011

@donnabrazile Former chair of @DNC best known for being fired from @CNN for cheating by giving @HillaryClinton debate questions.

@BillKristol Anti-Trumper

@EdwardGLuce national editor, journalist & author
Policy advisor to Romney, Ryan, and Rubio @MaxBoot he is also a journalist and he left Republican Party in 16.

Speechwriter for Bush @davidfrum also an editor of the Atlantic and appears on CNN & MSNBC
Due to @JeffreyToobin behavior on a zoom call where Transition Integrity Project was being played out, we can add the following people who are in the know.
All 4 work at the New Yorker as staff writers.
@JaneMayerNYer @eosnos @mashagessen @jelani9
Who helps fund Protect Democracy?
Rockefeller Brothers Fund has given grants seen below
End of thread 1. We have much more to come and ask again, is Twitter censoring this information to the public?

This story stopped 10-13 but it’s not over!
Sorry, last tweet for thread 1.
Here is a link to the 22 page Transition Integrity Project summary. If you have not read it, read NOW!
Transition Integrity Project
A closer look into the 22-page document.
Read this NOW!
We can now add Leah Daughtry as a participant in the game by her own admission.
Leah was the CEO of the 2008 & 2016 DNC Committees. She is also a co-author with Brazile & 2 others on a book.
We went back and listened again to @dbongino show. On 8-26 he announced what he knew about the Transition Integrity Project but on Twitter searches we are only able to see 1 tweet from him on 10-13. Again is Twitter censoring this information?
Watch here

June 2020 over 100 people gathered to play scenario Election games.
Can Brooks, @MaxBoot or any other participants answer why you gathered in large groups during a pandemic? Did you wear masks?
The majority of you are journalists preaching about COVID!? @dbongino @marklevinshow
The hypocrisy is why no one trusts the media.
This from a man playing games with over 100 people to predict outcomes for our Election.
Pg 3
“That TIP’s concerns are widely shared is reflected in the media attention...”
Pg 14 then has the media articles.

This is hilarious! “Concerns WIDELY SHARED IN THE MEDIA” by people who wrote & attended your game scenarios! 😂 way to tell the people what to think!
Bottom line. A group of elites in all aspects of tech, media, journalism, activists, pundits, people who hate the President got together to make sure Biden wins no matter what & the rest of us just have to obey to their ideology and policy.

read here 👇🏻
We NEED your help to share this educational thread before Nov.3!

We need @dbongino @marklevinshow @seanhannity @BreitbartNews @FoxNews @TomFitton Right wing media to get loud about this!
See thread 1&2 for more context.
@SCGOP @NancyMace @SeanParnellUSA @DrewMcKissick
To better understand the next tweets you need to know what @IndivisibleTeam is.
This is an organization that started in 2016 after @realDonaldTrump won. They claim to be “nonpartisan”. They have mobilized over 4,000 individual Indivisible groups nationwide.
🔵= a group in the 🇺🇸
Some of their “non-partisan” beliefs include:
Open borders ✅
Defund the police✅
Abolish ICE✅
Free healthcare for illegals✅
DC a state✅
Thread 1 lists some of the donors to this organization.

MANY (D) CANDIDATES who won in 2018 are tied to this group. Do you live in a district that flipped 🔴👉🏻🔵

Is your D congressman portrayed as a “moderate” in the media?
@NancyMace @SCGOP @DrewMcKissick
Reminder @dbongino told his audience about Transition Integrity Project on 8-26.
Since then social media has been quiet.
Until now.
Here is what has been going on behind the scenes in SC.
10-10 Joe Cunningham is in district being driven by an indivisible board member
10-13 new email from county Indivisible group comes.
A group called Hold The Line has written a 55 page guide for post election based on Transition Integrity Project findings.
Indivisible also formed a Protect The Results coalition with 100 organizations
We feel it is important to give you information on who wrote the 55 page Hold The Line Guide. There are also some troubling quotes in this guide! You can read the guide here.
This Transition Integrity Project wasn’t just a “game”.
Author 1 of Hold The Line Guide
Marium Navid
Went to Berkeley
Worked as a communications coordinator for CAIR-CA
Press Intern for MoveOn
Currently works for M+R
Supports anti-Israel and the Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) movement
Marium Navid Cont.
Below is the founder of BDS, Omar Barghouti.
“BDS is often aggressive and disruptive”
“The media focuses only on one form of resistance, which we are proud of-we’re not ashamed to have armed resistance as well as peaceful resistance”
Omar on YouTube 7-13-11
Author 2 of Hold The Line
Kifah Shah
Kifah Cont.
On her Instagram accounts he states she “made a living out of activism”
Supports Black Panthers who appear to have guns?
Is she celebrating the fact @realDonaldTrump had COVID?
Author 3
Ankur Asthana
Author 4
Hardy Merriman
2000 was advance planner for HRC campaign for Senate. Aide to press office of Senator John Kerry.
🚨important hold the line quotes:
Pg 10 claims Trump campaign has hired a “voter intimidation team” has anyone seen this?
Again, spreads lie about vote by mail ballots.

Pg 26 “we are not making a moral judgement about people who feel they have a right to be violent...”
👇🏻What we know. Nov 4, 5 CST when they get the go, the protests start. We know from Transition Integrity Project “not to expect an Election night winner”
Unless @POTUS wins popular vote and Electoral college w/o PA and NC the protests begin nationwide.
10-16 Local Indivisible group EMAILS personal residential addresses of 4 city council members, phone numbers, and email address after the mask ordinance was reversed.
It is past time for @RepCunningham to denounce Indivisible! @NancyMace @DrewMcKissick @SCGOP
Please fact check everything 3x as we get closer to the Election. There is truth and then there is suppressing truth, exaggerated truth and lying.
Indivisible now has a “truth brigade”
Every D on this list who gets away with running as a moderate & is associated with this group should be asked about it publicly. Constituents have a right to know! @RepCunningham @MaryCaitlinByrd @islandpacket
@DrewMcKissick @NancyMace @SCGOP @karenhandel
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