1. "Set condition 1 SQ for strategic missile launch":
Crimson Tide (1995)

2. The 1995 movie "Crimson Tide" where Denzel Washington (playing a character whose last name is "Hunter") gives the sub crew the order to "set Condition 1SQ for strategic missile launch".

Setting condition 1SQ makes the weapons system ready for launch. https://yarn.co/yarn-clip/8b64b97c-f7e2-45d7-821a-0e4829c0eb6f
4. Do you find it interesting that everything discussed in the past is somehow making news as of late?

"Sometimes you can't" simply "TELL the public the truth.
You must show them."

5. "So many people refuse still to see the evils in the world. They're going to need to see a lot more."

6. They are desperate to put a "lid" on it.

7. "13 days.. And you see what's going on..


..They are getting a little bit nervous.."

8. The #EnemyOfThePeople
Do you see how it works?
Political pundit for sale.
[Pollster] for sale.
9. Boom

10. The #MeToo lost all credibility once they refused to support Tara Reade for coming forward with claims of sexual assault by Joe Biden.
11. A deep dark world is being exposed.
The truth won't be for everyone.
Have faith in Humanity.
13. Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein's victims reportedly coerced to Prince Andrew, tweeted this: https://twitter.com/VRSVirginia/status/1319021586620379136?s=20
14. This one appears self-explanatory.
15. Also, are these:

Gina - "Non CIA_background next?"
Both Deputy Directors for FBI and CIA, Bowdich & Bishop..

Will they be fired as well or step into Wray's and Haspels' shoes as Acting Directors?
27. There is a DC civil war like Watergate a thousand-fold. Hussein actually contacted Matt Murray in an attempt to persuade him not to publish the truth?

Murray has more > 25 yrs experience as an intnat'l atty & anti-corruption expert. Will he buckle? https://www.new-rule.com/team/matthew-h-murray/
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