Shooting Guards are often disrespected in MyTeam, given less focus despite their massive impact on each game.

In this post we break down the best SGs in 2K21 Myteam, broken down into categories that will help you build a competitive squad.
Best Overall Shooting Guard: Amethyst Klay Thompson ( Silver Range, Gold Clamps, and a 95 3-ball. Perfect Spot-up that can also shut down opposing PGs.
Best Slasher: PD Dominique Wilkins ( Elite dunking ability and a more-than-capable shooter and defender. Deadly in fastbreak scenarios and will dunk on everybody.
Best Lockdown Defender: Amethyst Michael Cooper. Hall of Fame Clamps and a decent shooter. Cheap, too, and perfect for guarding the opposing teams' PGs. Even Cheaper: Ruby Bruce Bowen. Gold Clamps and an 88 3-ball.
Best Sharpshooter: Ruby Ray Allen (for a better jumpshot) or Ruby Eric Gordon (no Steady Shooter and has Gold Quick First Step). Both are cheap.
Best SG that isn't an SG: Diamond Deron Williams ( A 6'10" wingspan allows D-Will to play the two and be a spot-up, secondary ball-handler, and decent defender.
Best Budget Shooting Guard: Ruby Paul George or Ruby Klay Thompson. Both 3-and-D guys, George is a better dunker, Klay is a better shooter.
The Future Best SG: PD Jaylen Brown ( The Limited Reward that will be available at the end of November. Can shoot, clamp up, and jam it on anyone.

Who are you running at SG on your squad?
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