Short thread on libertarian commentator @TFL1728 because he's been making false claims that I work for the Chinese government and that my husband is an intelligence agent. I hate doing this, but that's how it's gotta be sometimes.
I've been getting Tom's flying monkeys in my mentions since he took some bitchy pot shots at me in a video today.
One of those flying monkeys drew my attention to a new video where Tom calls me a stupid fucking cunt and claims, on no basis whatsoever, that my significant other is an intelligence agent and that he's still unconvinced that I'm not a China propagandist.
Tom's flying monkeys believe what he says.
For the record, @TFL1728 is lying when he claims my "fucking significant other is an goddamn intelligence agent". My husband is an American who worked in nursing his entire working life before moving to Australia, and now works with me full time. He is not an intelligence agent.
I don't know where @TFL1728 got this notion that Tim is an intelligence agent. I can only guess that it came from Louise Mensch Twitter, who found a Russian agent with my husband's name in Canada and assumed incorrectly that it's the same person.
You can find the picture of Tim Vavilov in the link I just provided, and you can search for my husband Tim Foley in my videos or just do a Google image search. They're two different people. Don't get your intel advice from natsec LARPers like Louise Mensch.
Tom has also accused me of working for China. He withdrew the claim but refused to apologize for it. He then suggested it could still be true in the video linked above where he claimed my husband is an intelligence agent.
For the record, @TFL1728 was lying when he claimed I work for the Chinese government, and he is wrong to keep insinuating that I might be. I am entirely reader-funded; I don't even get paid for the articles people reblog. These McCarthyite accusations are disgusting and shameful.
And that's really all I have to say. I don't care that Tom disagrees with me or thinks I'm a stupid cunt, and I welcome him to continue thinking so. I just wanted to address the brazen disinformation he has been actively circulating.
So no comment on your false claim that my husband is an intelligence agent, Tom?
Sorry there's one more false claim @TFL1728 made that I didn't pick up on because I didn't make it through the video. He claims I'm "taking money from the Russians" because RT republishes my stuff. I've never been paid for anyone republishing my work.
Tom's followers bought the claim that I'm taking money from the Russian government as well.
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