October 21st 1918, Ma Nontsikelelo Albertina Sisulu was born. Gosh what a revolutionary woman. Ma Sisulu was the only woman present at the birth of ANC youth league. She organized with women against the apartheid regime.

Let's visit her life through pictures

2. Albertina's political organizing was at first alongside her husband Walter Sisulu. Albertina was a nurse by profession who became the sole breadwinner of her family when her husband joined ANC organizing full time
2. December 1985, Albertina Sisulu speaking at the " free Mandela " rally.

(Picture by Selwyn Tait)
3.February 19, 1985, several UDF members, including Albertina Sisulu, Frank Chikane and Cassim Saloojee were arrested on high treason warrants.

This is May 1st 1986 Ma Sisulu arriving at her trial.

(Picture by Selwyn Tait)
4. 12 August 1991, Ma Sisulu speaking at the Sydney University. At that time, she was the deputy president of African national Congress women's league
5. This is my favorite portrait of Ma Sisulu.

It was December 31st 1959

Happy bornday to our beloved💫
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