(1/4) Myth: publishing #OpenAccess means expensive article processing charges (APCs).

This isn't true – there are ways to avoid expensive APCs so you can publish OA without being put out! 👇 #OAWeek2020
(3/4) Second option is via Green OA 📗 – you can open up research published in subscription journals through ‘self-archiving’ in an institutional repository such as espace.

If this appeals to you, we have a guide available to help! 👇 https://libguides.library.curtin.edu.au/c.php?g=843592&p=6151212
(4/4) For more information, we’re holding an online open access publishing seminar on Nov 4. We'll help you locate OA journals and help you get your work made visible and accessible!💻 https://careerhub.curtin.edu.au/students/events/Detail/1312676/publishing-power-hour-5-publis
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