some of my favorite photos from trust issues, a thread
starting with this gem
i love these đź’”
i love how theyd take just as beautiful pictures of the other members like they did jinsoul
i never thought someone could capture perfection in a photo
she stare!!
dont u just love when
trust issues made every single photo look like a clip from a movie
thank u for haseul pics ti <3
not a single flaw
imagine taking pictures like this
im still in awe
r u joking !!!!????
capturing perfection, once again
if this doesnt make u sad idk what will
no idea whats going on but i love the energy !
small intermission i agree
so many princesses!?
more smiles!!!!
egoist jinsoul was another FEELING
it wouldnt let me add more :,( ill be adding to this thread tomorrow, feel free to qrt with more jinsoul if u want :0
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