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Wangxian modern superhero AU

Lwj is the city’s resident hero, wwx the villain. To the world they’re archnemeses who publicly fight & insult each other, behind the scenes they actually fuck after every encounter.

Appearances aren't always what they seem to be
Wwx had not always intended to be the villain of the story.

After all, who /really/ begins that way?

But when you accidentally blow up a dog and a handful of bystanders in a crowded marketplace, people tend to view you as the embodiment of sin and evil.
He was 8 when his powers first revealed themselves to him.

And he was 8 when he was deemed a danger to society and locked away to be prodded and studied.

He never meant to kill or hurt anyone. But under enough provocation, the end result was always the same.
And they made sure there was /always/ enough provocation.

With his emotions directly tied to his powers, learning to control them became a near impossible task.

So they kept him heavily medicated. Lucid enough to perform their tests, but useless for much else.
For nearly 9 years the cycle persisted.

9 years of experiments and bloodshed.

9 years of force-fed narratives about his life and character.

9 years of isolation and torture.
The tricky thing about spending so long in captivity being told what kind of person you are, you inevitably begin to believe it.

On the day of his escape, they announced it to the world. Branded him a villain in the eyes of the public.
And, of course, they all believed it. How could they not?

Wen Labs was the leading pharmaceutical company in the entire world.

Wwx was one man.

What was the worth of words of one man against an empire?
Even now, 1 year after he managed to finally flee from the grasp of the Nightless Research Tower, that is what wwx still believes.

If wanting to enact his revenge by completely decimating Wen Labs meant that he was a villain, then so be it.

Let them call him the villain.
They had their narrative to control, and wwx had his personal vendetta.

The trouble with being labeled as the city’s resident supervillain though meant that he was constantly in the sights of the resident superhero: Hanguang-Jun.

At least, in the beginning this was the case.
Now as wwx hovers above a rooftop, eyes locked on the man meant to be his downfall, he cannot help but laugh. In the eyes of the world, they both have their roles to play.

Right vs. wrong.

Good vs. evil.
But later in the solitude of wwx’s cavern, away from prying eyes and cameras, wwx is going to be the one doing the conquering.

Hgj rises from the ground to meet him at eye level, a pristine white cloak billowing behind him.

He always wears white.
Under the moonlight, hgj's entire body is illuminated against the backdrop of the night sky.

It’s wwx’s favourite thing about their encounters after sundown.

He looks breathtakingly beautiful.

An ethereal being meant to counter the darkness.
‘I am offering you one chance to come peacefully, Yiling Laozu,’ hgj says calmly.

He never shouts. Sometimes he uses his abilities to make the words echo loudly in his opponent’s head. He no longer uses this trick on wwx.

‘I’ve never been one for peace,’ wwx quips back.
Even from miles above the ground wwx can see the alternating flashing of lights from the cameras below.

Little specks of light glittering almost like diamonds in the darkness.

The larger the audience, the better the show they’ll have to give them.
And tonight there is quite the gathering of onlookers.

Wwx slowly raises one hand, palm open, and harnesses a sphere of bright red flames encased in wispy ink coloured mist.

With a smirk, he lobs it directly in hgj’s direction.
Hgj’s face is expressionless as he raises two fingers, lets out a long whistle, and whisks the sphere upwards. It explodes and rains sparks of gold and blue down around him.

Absolutely breathtaking.

‘Have it your way then,” hgj says and comes hurling towards wwx in midair.
Wwx hovers in place until the last possible second, grabs onto hgj’s shoulders and flips over him, laughing loudly. ‘This move again? Honestly, you need some new— oh fuck.’

Hgj spins around holding a large swirling ball of fluorescent blue light between both hands.
Between his laughter and remarks, wwx had not heard when hgj began humming. He’s too close to avoid the impact now.

Hgj thrusts both hands forward and sends the ball directly into wwx’s chest. He yelps on the impact, flying backwards a good thirty feet, still in midair.
And then hgj is flying forward to meet him again.

With a guttural yell, wwx positions his hands behind himself releases invisible currents of energy to fling himself higher into the air to avoid him.

The smell of burnt leather and singed flesh fills his nostrils.
He looks down to see the giant hole in his costume where hgj’s attack hit him.

Oh, he’s going to pay for that one, wwx thinks.

Wwx takes a moment to spit a mouthful of blood down on him.
Hgj just narrowly avoids it coming into contact with his face but it splatters against his perfect white shoulder.

In an instant, hgj is directly in front of him again.


The crowd below can’t see the glint in hgj’s eyes, the /hunger/ in them, but wwx certainly can.
They’re only inches apart from each other. Wwx smirks, leans back and raises his legs enough to kick off of hgj’s chest. He sends a jolt of energy through the soles of his feet on contact.


Hgj lets out a low growl, the only indication he actually felt anything at all
Wwx has never heard him scream or yell. Not in pain or in pleasure.

He's determined to change that.

Especially after tonight.

Wwx is going to have him /begging/ and screaming in that cavern later.
In a way, it feels like dancing with each other. There’s something almost romantic about it.

Barring the scorched flesh and the mouthfuls of blood for the cameras.

It’s the closest thing to a normal relationship wwx has ever known with another person.
The whirring of helicopter blades in the distance catches wwx's attention.

He lazily casts a glance to his left to see the golden imprint of a sun emblem on the side of it. He grits his teeth, vision going red.

Wen Labs.
There is someone situated in the open side of the helicopter with a machine gun pointed directly at him.

‘How foolish,’ wwx whispers darkly and raises his hand.

Hgj’s gaze travels from wwx’s hand to the helicopter then back again before he starts flying towards him. ‘Don’t—’
Wwx snaps his fingers and the tail of the helicopter explodes. Immediately, it begins to spiral out of control, careening towards the crowd of onlookers.

Without hesitation, hgj chases it down.

Wwx doesn’t stick around to watch. He knows the ending.

It’s always the same.
The great Hanguang-Jun will save the day, like he always does.

And wwx, the evil Yiling Laozu, will escape amongst the chaos.

Until the dance begins again.
It’s hours later when hgj comes flying into wwx’s secluded cavern, soundless except for the gentle swishing of his cloak behind him.

Wwx is already naked, lounging in the bathing pool, eyes closed with his head tilted back against the stone wall.
‘Did you really need to send that helicopter down towards those innocent bystanders?’ hgj asks, pulling pieces of his uniform off and dropping them on the ground as he approaches.

‘Did I make you actually break a sweat tonight, Lan Zhan?’ wwx smirks, languidly opening his eyes.
Out in the world he’s the fearless Hanguang-Jun, protector of the innocent.

In wwx’s cave, he’s simply Lan Zhan. During their most heated arguments, sometimes he’s Lan Wangji.

But he leaves Hanguang-Jun at the entrance.
‘Hardly,’ lwj says flatly and climbs into the pool, settling beside him.

‘They should understand the hazards of coming to watch us fight,’ wwx says, shrugging his shoulders.

‘Wei Ying.’ A stern expression to match his tone. He doesn’t find that funny.
‘It’s not like I didn’t know you were going to stop it from hitting them anyways,’ wwx waves his hand. ‘The evil Yiling Laozu shows no mercy. I’m just giving them what they expect of me.’

Lwj’s face softens at this. ‘Wei Ying,’ he repeats, decibels just above a whisper.
‘Come off of it, Lan Zhan. Besides, I’m not going to show you any mercy tonight for what you’ve done. Did you really need to use such force with me? Look at this!’

Wwx sits up enough to reveal the large circle of bright red scorched skin in the middle of his chest.
To the left of it, just over his heart, the long since healed imprint of a sun emblem shines beneath the flickering flames of torch light.

‘It had to be believable,’ lwj says simply. His eyes are drawn to the emblem, they always are.
Lwj raises a hand from the water and brushes his fingertips over the white scarred skin of the sun. Wwx smacks his hand away and leans back against the wall, pouting.

‘You know I will mend your outfit for you.’
‘You had better,’ wwx says moodily. ‘I’m still not satisfied.’

‘Are you ever?’ lwj replies and grabs his arm, roughly pulling him onto his lap.

Wwx pretends to put up a fight, thrashes his arms around and tries to lean away from him.
Lwj clasps both of his wrists together with one hand and then presses his palm onto the middle of his chest.

Wwx lets out a hiss of pain. ‘Lan Zhan! Be gentle with me!’

Ignoring him, lwj begins to hum a gentle melody.
His palm glows a pale blue against wwx’s skin, cool and soothing. After a few minutes he releases wwx’s wrists. ‘Better?’ he asks, softly.

Wwx glances down at the patch of skin, still a bright pink but significantly less tender now.
Intimate moments like this when lwj lets his guard down to treat him with such kindness always make him uncomfortable.

Rather than answer, wwx wraps his arms and legs around lwj and sends them hovering out of the water onto the stone floor beside the pool, pinning him down.
‘I won’t be satisfied until you’ve suffered the consequences of your actions.’

Beneath him, lwj does not struggle. In fact, it looks as though he’s biting back the urge to smile.

How dare he.
‘Something funny?’ wwx asks, tearing the bright red ribbon from his own hair and using it to bind lwj’s wrists together.

They both know he could easily break away from the flimsy bindings if he wanted to.

He doesn’t though. He never does.
Wwx holds his bound wrists above his head with one hand and drags the other roughly against lwj’s cock, already hard and beginning to leak precome.

Lwj lets out a soft, low moan and writhes beneath him.
Wwx digs his knees into the sides of his hips to hold him still and closes his hand around the base of his cock, squeezing tightly. ‘I asked you a question,’ he growls out.

‘N-No,’ lwj breathes out and tries to arch his hips up.
‘Stay still. You move when I tell you to move,’ wwx says.

Lwj freezes, chest rising and falling rapidly, eyes locked on him. Watching. Waiting for the next command.

How strange it still is to think about sometimes. How they ended up this way.
What would the world think to see how easily the great Hanguang-Jun succumbs to the fearful Yiling Laozu when they are alone?

‘Whatever shall I do with you?’ wwx releases his grip, runs his fingers up the length of his cock, just barely ghosting against the sensitive skin.
It twitches beneath his fingertips. ‘You’re making such a mess, Lan Zhan.’

Lwj sharply exhales another moan, but keeps his hips still. Above his head wwx sees he is clenching his fists, nails digging into palms. Gripping the ribbon, he shakes lwj's wrists.
‘Stop that. I’m the only one allowed to mark you.’

Lwj immediately uncurls his fingers, hands trembling. ‘Wei Ying,’ he groans out, low and desperate. ‘Please.’

Wwx’s cock hardens at the sound of his voice.
‘You’ll take what you are given and nothing more, do you understand?’

Wordlessly, lwj nods quickly a few times. It’s not enough.

‘Say that you understand.’

‘I understand,’ he breathes the sentence out as one quick word.
‘If you behave yourself, I may show mercy. Would you like that, Lan Zhan?’ wwx purrs into his ear.

Lwj cock is weeping so much it’s dripping onto his stomach.

‘Y-Yes,’ lwj pants out. ‘Wei Ying, please, yes.’
Wwx fists lwj’s cock again, his hand gliding effortlessly, as he pulls hard. Once.

Every inch of lwj’s body is trembling beneath him, struggling to adhere to his instructions.

The sound lwj lets out is somewhere between a choke and a whimper.

/Music/ to wwx’s ears.
Wwx grinds his hips down against him, releases a low moan right in lwj’s ear and then stands up.

'Wei— Wei Ying,' lwj whines out breathlessly.

‘On your knees, open your mouth.’

It takes lwj a moment to register the command before he scrambles to obey.
The second his knees touch the stone floor, wwx grabs him by the hair and stuffs his cock right into the comfort of lwj’s eager mouth.

Lwj’s muffled moaning around him sends vibrations straight up wwx’s spine until the base of his skull is tingling.
Wwx gives him only a few seconds to adjust before bucking his hips forward and /fuck/ this has been all he could think about all day.

From the way lwj bobs his head, swallowing around him, it’s all /he/ could think about too.
Lwj’s nostrils flare and breathe out warm air against wwx’s skin, /almost/ tickling, as his nose comes to nuzzle against the patch of black hair when he takes wwx’s cock all the way into his throat.

He looks up through lidded lust blown golden eyes and wwx just /laughs./
‘Enjoying this, aren’t you?’

Lwj sucks hard in response.

Wwx lets out a loud moan and tightens his grip on lwj’s hair before dragging his head back. The soft pop when lwj’s mouth is pulled away from his cock reverberates through the emptiness of the cave.
With his hands still bound, the most lwj had been able to use them for was holding himself upright.

He sinks down now, ass against his feet as he kneels, panting heavily, lips swollen and red, staring up at wwx.

So beautiful. So obedient.
Wwx runs his fingers through lwj’s hair, lowers his hand to caress his cheek. Lwj leans into the touch, eyelids fluttering open and closed a few times. Like the brief moment of affection is almost too much to bear.

‘You’ve been so good so far,’ wwx says softly, soothingly.
Lwj whimpers quietly, turns his head to press a kiss to his palm.

That’s new.

Wwx’s chest constricts, heart swooping wildly. It’s an unfamiliar feeling.

It’s an /uncomfortable/ feeling.
He closes his hand around lwj’s mouth, fingers digging into his cheeks as he turns his head back to center.

Lwj has no trace of fear in his eyes as he looks up at him, gasping softly against wwx’s palm.
Wwx really has no idea what that look in his eyes is even supposed to mean.

That strange swooping sensation in his chest returns.

‘Turn over,’ wwx says, shoving him backwards.
Lwj twists over and plants his elbows onto the stone, settling onto all fours.

Wwx drops to his knees and pushes two fingers into lwj’s mouth. Without even being told to do so, he licks his tongue around them and sucks.
Wwx uses his free hand to spread lwj’s ass cheeks apart and pulls his fingers from his mouth.

Aside from his ragged breathing, lwj is otherwise silent.

That has to change.

Wwx lowers his head down, breathes against lwj’s hole before circling his tongue around it. Teasing.
Lwj moans softly, but keeps his hips still.

Good. He hasn’t been told to move yet.

‘You’re not to come until I say so, understand?’

‘Ye-’ lwj gasps and shudders, arms buckling beneath him when wwx plunges his tongue in.
He barely gives lwj time to catch his breath before moving his head back and sliding one finger in all the way up to the knuckle and twisting.

Lwj exhales sharply, still too subdued for wwx's tastes but he'll get him there, and leans his forehead down onto his hands.
They fuck often enough that not much prep is usually required.

Wwx doesn’t want to rush through it tonight though.

No. He wants lwj unraveling beneath him. Wants him writhing and incoherent by the time he’s done with him.
So wwx adds another finger, stills them for only a second and then twists, searching.

Lwj doesn’t like to let himself lose control. Somehow /always/ manages to hold himself back.
By now wwx’s discovered some of his tells.

The subtle clues hinting at the precipice of an imminent breakdown.

He feels lwj clench around his fingers, notices the way his thighs jerk ever so slightly.
Wwx smirks and keeps brushing his fingers over the same spot, sporadically adding pressure.

From the way lwj is breathing through his nostrils, wwx can tell he’s biting down on his lip.

That won’t do.
‘I want to hear you, Lan Zhan,’ wwx practically sings as he moves his fingers faster and brings the other hand to grip lwj’s cock.

He rubs his thumb over the underside of the tip, slippery with precome. ‘Surrender.’
Lwj gasps loudly and rocks his hips backwards, trying to fuck himself down on wwx’s fingers while simultaneously attempting to thrust into his hand.

Immediately, wwx abandons his cock and brings his palm down onto his left ass cheek, leaving a bright red mark.

‘W-Wei Yi—”
Wwx grips his cock again, works his hand quickly.

Lwj raises his head and slams his forehead back down against his hands, /hums/ his moan behind closed lips. Even though it’s muffled, wwx can tell it’s high pitched and desperate.

Oh, he’s getting close.
‘Stop fighting it,’ wwx growls out. ‘Let it out.’

It’s a wonder lwj can even hold himself up with the way his entire body is quaking.

‘Please— please let me,’ lwj chokes out quietly. ‘Wei Ying, please—’
‘Not yet.’ wwx releases his cock again and withdraws his fingers.

Lwj jerks his hips backwards against air at the sudden loss of stimulation and /sobs/.

It’s the closest wwx has ever seen him on the brink of letting go.
Wwx spits into his hand, though he’s been steadily leaking precome all over the floor the entire time, and fists his own cock to coat it.

With hands steadily gripping lwj’s hips, nails digging in, he slides himself into the slick sweet heat and lets out a low, guttural moan.
He wastes no time in snapping his hips forward, fucking him hard and fast.

Beneath him, he notices lwj biting down on one of his hands, his cries muffled.

Wwx grabs him by the hair and yanks him up, whispers into his ear. ‘I want to hear you when you come.’
At the sound of the word ‘come’ lwj completely falls apart, spurting white hot streaks in thick globs across the stone floor, keening loudly as wwx continues to pull his hair and fuck him through it.
With a few quick thrusts, wwx follows him close behind, the warmth washing over him in rolling tidal waves as the edges of his vision go white.

The half-strangled sobs coming from lwj ground him back down again enough to release his hair.
Wwx pulls out of him slowly, knees aching and raw from the contact with the floor, and brushes sweat soaked strands of hair from his eyes.

Lwj collapses forward against his arms again with a soft thud, his breathing ragged and uneven.

Wwx has never seen a more beautiful sight
Wwx stretches out beside him, smirking, head propped up on his elbow. The sound of lwj coming undone like that still playing on loop in his head.

‘Wei Ying,’ lwj turns to face him, still breathless, his cheeks flushed.
He has that look in his eyes again. The one that wwx can’t quite put his finger on.

But something about it… scares him.

‘Shh,' wwx whispers. 'Tell me later, Lan Zhan. Let's just stay here like this for a while.'

And, like always, lwj humors him and simply nods.
I'll be continuing this more tomorrow! Thanks for checking it out so far!
After another dip in the pool, wwx sits, cross legged, near the entrance of the cavern, twirling 3 small spheres of red flames in the palm of his hand as he overlooks the skyline of the city reflected in the murky water.
It was by chance that he stumbled upon the secluded island along the outskirts of the Qishan Sector 1 year prior.

With his face plastered on posters & news segments within the 1st hour of his escape, it was impossible to remain with the confines of the city undetected for long.
The first few days of freedom were the most difficult to navigate through.

He had /no one/ to turn to for help.

While wwx was no stranger to loneliness, Wen Labs had at least actually fed him. Well, when it suited them to do so.
So while he grew accustomed to the sensation of hunger, there had been the safety net of routine bred from their necessity to keep him alive.

But here outside of the walls of the Nightless Research Tower the world was vast, complicated, and completely unfamiliar.
The streets and alleyways were a never-ending labyrinth of chaos and danger.

No stranger could be trusted. For kindness was a myth, a fairytale meant to deceive naive fools.

Wwx might have believed in it once, but it felt—/feels/— like a distant memory.
Sometimes wwx wonders if the scattered fragments of his past that he can actually recall are more fabrications than true recollections.

Delusional fantasies that his brain had implanted just to /cope/.

He doesn’t like to linger on that thought.
Question the nature of your reality long enough and all of the walls are sure to come crumbling down at once.

He likes to believe that the flashes of faces in the dark belong to real people he must have known. People who must have cared for him.

He /clings/ to that.
He can’t even remember their names, but something deep in his heart aches with the longing of familiarity whenever they come to visit him in his dreams.

He came from /somewhere/.

Gods only know where that somewhere is though.
Behind him, lwj is sitting on the bed with wwx’s tattered costume in hand, slender nimble fingers gliding over the material to assess the damage.

For someone so verbally quiescent, he makes up for the lack of words with music, humming and singing quite often.
If someone had told wwx 10 months ago when this all began between them that he would be sleeping with the city’s greatest protector nearly every night, he would have never believed them.
If they then proceeded to tell him that he would have the very same man, the great Hanguang-Jun, as his personal seamstress? He would have laughed right in their face at that.

Yet here they are now.
‘This is beyond repair, I will have to make you a new one,’ lwj’s serene voice carries over the gentle lapping of water against the shore that wwx has been mesmerized by for the past 10 minutes.

The words don’t register.
Wwx focuses, instead, on how the sound of lwj’s voice is more melody than monotone sometimes, especially when paired with the ambiance of the waves.

That strange fluttering sensation in his chest wants to call it a lullaby.

His sense of reasoning calls it a siren song.
‘Wei Ying, did you hear me?’ lwj asks, louder this time and—


Wwx glimpses down at lwj’s hand on his. Warm and soft. Except for his fingertips— they’re mildly calloused.
Wwx prefers lwj’s jagged edges to the smooth ones.

He /understands/ those— there is comfort in the familiar.

The brief moments of tenderness, the commiserative glimmer in his eyes when lwj looks at him sometimes… those are what wwx finds confusing. Foreign.
Wwx slides his hand away and welcomes the rough drag of lwj’s calloused skin against his own like a safety blanket.

‘No, what did you say?’ wwx asks, finally flicking the 3 small spheres of fire into the water. Thin wisps of steam rise up in ribbons where they land.
‘I cannot mend it, I will need to make you a new outfit.’

Not an ideal outcome at all, but certainly an expected one.

‘How long will it take?’ wwx unfolds his legs, tingling with pins and needles, and stretches them out in front of him.

'A few days. Three, at most.'
Wwx nods once and lays down, arms folded neatly behind his head. ‘Guess it’s back to street clothes again during recon.’

‘Is that wise? They offer no protection,' lwj says quietly.
He can feel lwj’s eyes on him, knows /exactly/ what kind of look he’s fixing him with.

The tone of his concern makes wwx’s stomach lurch.

‘Says the man who burned through my ‘protection’ like tissue paper,’ wwx twists his head to the side to look at him.
Lwj opens his mouth and closes it again, that signature melancholy sympathy plastered all over his face.

It always makes wwx feel like a wounded animal to be looked at that way. Like some pathetic, helpless creature incapable of looking after himself.

His stomach lurches again
‘Besides, who else do I ever encounter but you, Lan Zhan? As far as we know, you and I are the only ones in the city who are like this. So, you’ll just have to go easy on me, won’t you?’ wwx smirks.

‘Wei Ying, we do not know that for sure,’ lwj says quietly.
It’s an old argument that resurfaces every so often.

Wwx’s point being that if there /was/ anyone with abilities like theirs, they would know by now.

Lwj prefers to err on the side of caution, says that just because they’ve haven’t met anyone yet, doesn’t mean they won’t.
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I miscalculated the amount of free time I had today to work on this, so hoping I can start earlier tomorrow instead!

Thanks for reading so far!
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