1. @NeilShenvi, first off I never said you are “unbiblical”, I said your takes are often ahistorical regarding racial history & theologically speaking, you seem to hold to a version of Sola Scriptura that states “the Bible ONLY” rather than Scripture as sole. https://twitter.com/neilshenvi/status/1318682694834921475
2. Your response itself is revealing tho, brother, and I do say brother as I believe we are faith family.

Racial history, & historical theology, would j form you that slave masters & segregationists used the Bible to justify white supremacy on the grounds of being “Biblical”.
3. Fam, I think that’s one of the dynamics of your theological tradition that you fail to grasp either thru ignorance or intentional neglect. The history of the white church in America is one that includes people oppressing others on the grounds of being “Biblical”.
4. Neil, how many slave masters argued that trafficking black bodies was legit b/c slavery is in the Bible... is “biblical”. I reject the theological posture that says

being “biblical” = being right


being “biblical” = love

The devil was “biblical” in temptation of Christ.
5. Beloved, the question isn’t whether or not you are “being biblical”, the question is whether or not you are applying biblical revelation in a way that is consistent with not only its context, but with its application based upon the ‘Law of Christ’.. ‘Law of Love.’
6. Right now @NeilShenvi, your black and brown brothers & sisters are languishing due to racial trauma in the church & in society. People within YOUR theological tradition have been swept away w/ white Christian nationalism & have brought reproach to the gospel to watching world.
7. Despite your black & brown brothers & sisters under literal thread due to heightened racial tension, and despite them witnessing modern day lynchings regularly via media, AND white brothers & sisters in YOUR tradition being given over to white nationalism, CRT is your beef?
8. Brother @NeilShenvi, you may be within the bounds of “Biblicism”, but I believe you are out of bounds regarding what love looks like in this moment in regards to how you should relate to your black & brown brothers & sisters AND how you invest your energy....
9. Based on your writings & overall posture, including your debate w/ @rasoolberry, the racial & oppressive pain of your brothers and sisters is a “thing” to be analyzed & philosophically critiqued rather than lamented. You treat us & our experience as a specimen to be dissected.
10. I don’t say this to downplay your intellect, you’re CLEARLY a very smart & gifted brother. However, you are hyper-analytical to the point where you don’t weep w/ those who weep, you spend more time trying to dissect why you aren’t obligated to & why those weeping are wrong.
11. Beloved brother, you may be praised among white Christians who want to justify their apathy towards racial oppression & racial trauma, but your work isn’t serving your black brothers & sisters; it justifies apathy & indifference & you are used to make enemies out of saints.
12. & yes, I recognize you have a few black brothers who may be whispering i your ear “peace peace, those upset at your work are just Marxists”, but I hope you ignore their voices & heed the Spirit. Your work isn’t rooted in love, brother, even if it passes the “biblical” test.”
13. My encouragement to you would be to study racial history. Read up on chattel slavery & segregation from people whose ethnic makeup is connected to those who have generationally suffered. See them as image bearers & not folks who suffer from “victimhood”. Learn history, fam.
14. Finally @NeilShenvi, my prayer for you is prayer of Paul for Philippians. I pray your love would abound more & more WITH KNOWLEDGE & discernment. Learning real history w/ serve you in discernment. Discernment will lead you to looking at the log in the eye of your tradition.
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