HELLO @Twitter @jack @TwitterNYC @TwitterSupport @TwitterComms WHY, OH WHY is the New York City topic entirely filled with sports teams tweeting? I mean, I blocked the NYPD, but there are a lot of other accounts out there. EG: @BirdCentralPark @Gothamist @evgrieve @2AvSagas
#Frustrated here, @jack @Twitter. I used to see a variety of post under the NYC topic. Local politics, weather, news, frivolity...WHAT HAPPENED?! For a few weeks it seemed it was all cop news. I blocked a lot of those accounts, no offense intended, it was just overload. Now, tho'
it is all pro sports, and only a few. It's not like you included the @Twitter accounts or @TwitterComms of @Riveters or @nyliberty or @ManhattanGaels or @gothamderby
I mean, the NY Giants play in NJ. Wut do they have to do w/ NYC? Really? If it has to be exclusively sports (which it shouldn't), why aren't the @Globies on there? @SIYanks? @HarlemWizards? @rugbyunitedny?

Damn, does anyone else get the same 4 pro teams as ALL the NYC topic?
Or is is #JustMe?

#TwitterTuesday #TuesdayThoughts #WednesdayThoughts, too, since this is bothering me EVERY day now. When did your algorithm change, @Twitter?
Good #WednesdayMorning, @Twitter, @jack and even @TwitterSupport. I have some #WednesdayThoughts to tack on this thread. What about @placardabuse? That's a VERY Noo Yawk account. Should definitely turn up in the NYC theme in "For You" on the search tab. @foldedsunset, too!
Today it was 2 tweets from the NY Giants, one from the Rangers and one from the Knicks with one lonely amNY tweet in the First 5.
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