// ableism holocaust

this is a great video but also: aspergers is an extremely outdated term that is a remnant of back in the holocaust when we were experimented on. do not refer to autistic people as “having aspergers” because it is offensive. https://twitter.com/v13wm0nst3r/status/1318639400062918656
also, you cannot “suffer from aspergers and autism” they are not separate diagnoses. aspergers is a type of autism, they are under the same umbrella. also, I DO NOT “SUFFER” FROM AUTISM. I SUFFER FROM ABLEISM. I SUFFER FROM HOW PEOPLE TREAT ME. I SUFFER FROM LACK OF-
ACCOMODATIONS. autism is not negative. it is not a disease. it is simply a neurotype. and final point; in general, don’t use person-first language. i do not have autism, i am autistic. when you separate autism from me, it implies that it is something that is negative
it implies that it SHOULD be separated, that it is something that occupies my being like a cancer or a disease. it is not any of those. it is simply how i am. end of thread
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