FULL TEXT: “Azerbaijan’s aggressive actions, fully supported by Turkey in Nagorno Karabakh and against #Armenia, must stop,” said Senator Markey. 2/6
“Secretary Pompeo should make it clear that the United States supports a peaceful resolution to this conflict and is ready to help facilitate negotiations." 3/6
In order to achieve a successful cease-fire and conditions for peace, other parties such as Turkey must cease their aggressive actions and military intervention. 4/6
The U.S. should immediately push for a cease-fire along the line of contact between Nagorno-Karabakh and #Azerbaijan and a speedy return to negotiations supported by the Minsk Group. 5/6
Since Azerbaijan continues its attempts to resolve this conflict through the illegal use of military force, the international community will be left with no choice but to move to recognize the independence of the Republic of #Artsakh, absent meaningful negotiations.” 6/6
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