my tl is fully of negative threads so: idols i find very pretty, a thread
yedam treasure

he's so beautiful !! his eyes are so pretty :((
wonhyuk elast

his blue hair compliments his face so much !!
seungwoo victon

snoopy !! he's literally so adorable oml
chaesol cignature

she's genuinely one of the most beautiful women i've ever seen :(( i love her
wooyoung ateez

he's stunning !! literally so pretty it's amazing
taeyang sf9

his lips ?? his eyes?? this man is gorgeous
changgu pentagon

he is BREATHTAKING i find him so angelic in a way
hayeon floria

so gorgeous !! her eyes are like little galaxies
beomgyu txt

an angel :(( literally so lovely
yongtae enoi

his nose is so pretty i wanna eat it nom nom
jehyun 1team

chanyoung dcrunch

dazzling boy !!!
hyunsuk cix

magnificent really... he's like a unicorn
mijoo lovelyz

her eyes are so mesmerizing ...
ayeon saturday

BABYYYYY i literally love her she's my child
seoho oneus

has the smile that could save a nation
aisha everglow

her cheekies !! she's so cute
wondae dongkiz

cutest boy in the world?!?!
nana after school

she's sooooo gorgeous she's literally an angel
hyunjin stray kids

mwah chefs kiss
onf hyojin

this man should be the 8th wonder of the world
jeonghan svt

pretty pretty pretty this word belongs to him
sana twice

cutiepie deserves the world
end of thread ! sorry if your favorite idol isn't here, i couldn't include everyone . quote/comment with your favorite idols !!
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