My gut feeling tells me Oregon & Delaware will have Biden winning by mid single digits(3-7pts.) while Colorado, Maine(at-large), New Mexico, & Virginia having Biden winning by less than 2-3pts.(though Trump could narrowly flip those states within 0.2-2pts.).(1)
States of Washington, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine's 1st Congressional District, & Illinois will see Biden winning these states between 7-12pts. Biden will win the states of Hawaii, California, New York, Vermont, DC & Massachusetts by over 12-15pts.
Trump will likely flip New Hampshire, Minnesota, & Nevada, winning these states by less than 2-3pts. New Mexico, Colorado, Maine, & Virginia could get flipped by trump within less than 1pt.
I feel Trump will win the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania*, Arizona*, & North Carolina* within 3-6pts. Pennsylvania could be won by Trump by less than 3pts while North Carolina & Arizona could be won by more than 6-7pts.
As for Georgia, Ohio, Iowa, & Nebraska's 2nd congressional district Trump will win these states between 7-12pts. The remainder of states not won by Biden nor mentioned in this thread will go to Trump by more than double-digits.
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