We took a look at nine days' worth of recent replies to @JoeBiden. Unsurprisingly, the Democratic nominee's account gets a lot of attention - 613039 replies from 266655 accounts between October 11th and 19th, 2020. Very little of the traffic looks automated.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
Although @JoeBiden consistently receives tens of thousands of replies per day, few contained links to news sites before Oct 14, when the New York Post published its story about Hunter Biden's alleged laptop. Links are mostly a mix of NY Post and various right-wing sites.
In keeping with the theme of the NY post story, Hunter Biden and various allegations that Joe Biden is corrupt are a recurring them of recent replies to @JoeBiden, especially the hashtags used. Two of the top four are #CrookedJoeBiden and #BidenCrimeFamily.
The accounts that recently replied to @JoeBiden are disproportionately new creations: 32812 of 266655 accounts (12.3%) were created July 1st 2020 or later. Do these accounts support or oppose Biden?
Answer: based on accounts retweeted, substantially more of the recently-created accounts replying to Biden support Trump than Biden (12974 pro-Trump/7779 pro-Biden). At least 72 of the pro-Trump accounts presently have one of the leaked Hunter Biden photos as their profile pic.
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