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#Germany #Italy #Spain #France and many others in danger of new records today.

#Covid19 chaos in Europe, and the growing threat in USA 2 weeks ahead of the election
#Czechia once again making the early headlines.

I thought there could be a new record in Czechia but it may fall just short. However the new #Covid19 case figures show Czech Republic has broken the old record by almost 900.

New record 11,984
#Czechia also registers a new record number of deaths in a single day, breaking through the 100 barrier for the first time.

106 new #Covid19 related deaths today.

One month ago on 21 Sep, after 8 months of the pandemic, Czech Republic had 500 deaths. One month later it's 1600+
#Czechia's infection rate is now an obscene average of 856 new infections per million EVERY day.

If the UK was at that rate it would have 58,112 cases every day! Or the USA 283,347 new cases every day.
Just let that sink in!
The world has passed 41m confirmed cases of #Covid19
#Belgium continues to see cases climb.

9679 today, still down a thousand on the record number of new #Covid19 infections in a day, but well up on7,360 this time last week.
A devastating triple blow for #Ukraine today.
After 7 successive days of a slowdown in cases, with increases of 15% or lower, a big spike today of more than 20%
The total new #Covid19 cases of 6,719 is a new record.

Also 141 new #Coronavirus deaths in a day, another record
Tomorrow's now crucial for Ukraine. Thursday last week showed a drop in cases, and if today's is a statistical blip, which seems more than possible at this stage, the country needs a BIG drop tomorrow, to no more than 5,500
Wednesday is usually the first day of the week when we see a lot of national records - especially in Europe right now.

Next on the list is #Lithuania with 311 new cases of #Covid19. That beats the 5-day old record by another 30
#Armenia registers its 6th national record in the last 8 days.

A big rise today to 1,836 new #Covid19 infections, 75% up on last week, and the promise of more records to come.
#Russia suffers its deadliest day ever of #Coronavirus

317 new deaths reported today by the Kremlin.

However the number of new #Covid19 cases surprisingly "falls" a little to 15,700 - maybe to offset public fear?
#USA cases have consistently been 10-15% up on the corresponding day of the previous week.
However yesterday a leap of over 20% to 62,142 new #Covid19 infections with mega-states like California + Texas especially showing a resurgence.
Today US could hit 70,000 new cases
#Hungary avoids hitting a new high today with 1,423 new #Covid19 cases. But a new national record is highly likely on Friday or Saturday.

Today's figure is over 50% higher than last Wednesday.
"But what about the #TravelCorridor?" some of you may ask

The review is tomorrow, and in theory virtually all of the places still on the "green" list are under threat i.e. #Cyprus #Gibraltar, #Germany, #Greece, #Sweden

Gib should survive despite yday's big record beause it's UK
#Cyprus should also survive #TravelCorridor review. They've had a big surge in cases too but they test so much & positive test rate is well under 4%

#Greece is more at risk - #Athens is very bad right now. Grant Shapps could decide to exclude the mainland but leave islands alone
Personally I think UK will leave #Greece alone altogether in #TravelCorridor review.
#Sweden was my no.1 worry with 56/100k infection rate. But if UK excludes SWE it shd also exclude #Germany which has almost same rate & number of tests, but Germany's #Covid19 growth is worse
For #Sweden and #Germany much depends on today's figures I think. For Germany it's grim - I cannot see them keeping new #Covid19 case numbers under 8,000 today and I think it will be nearer 9,000 and a big new record.
#Croatia - whoa! Well I'm afraid I was correct but seems I really underestimated the speed of the 3rd wave.

Already 1,424 new #Covid19 cases today, the previous record was 1,131 five days ago. The new data suggests Croatia won't be far off 2,000 by Sat
#Slovakia also breaks its record for new #Covid19 cases in a day.

Today's tally of 2,202 more than trebles yesterday's figure. Saturday's total could be a lot worse too; I'm predicting records both the next two days, and somewhere around 2,800 or 3,000 by Saturday.
#Hungary additional bad news today
The country has also seen a big spike in deaths today with a record 48 new #Covid19 related fatalities. That's up from the previous worst day of 38 just yesterday.

In just 39 days, avg daily deaths has gone from 1 to 34
#Liechtenstein - just noticed that this tiny territory remains on the #UK #TravelCorridor.
Probably an anomaly, overlooked. It doesn't have an airport. But cases have risen very sharply and it should be removed tomorrow
You heard it hear first - 10,040 new #Covid19 cases reported today.

Also another new record death tally today with 140 #coronavirus related fatalities.
But there is a glimmer of good news for #Poland
The number of tests was back up to almost 60,000 and the positive test rate fell quite sharply to 16.9%

Two more new records virtually assured this week, but Poland may not quite hit 15,000 #Covid19 cases this week
However the number of #coronavirus patients in ICU in #Poland has increased massively.

In the past week alone there's been a 62% leap from 467 to 757. While the total number of #Covid19 sufferers in hospitals in Poland in the last 7 days has gone from 6000 to 9000. Frightening
#Finland's also leapt over the 20/100k mark which in the good old days of oh about 2 months ago, would have rendered it liable to exclusion from the #TravelCorridor. Now, at about 25/100,000 it's in no danger!

222 new #covid19 cases there today
#Austria has also fulfilled my expectation of a new national record with 1,958 new cases of #Covid19, pushing the all-time high up by 200.

Also a record equalling 11 #coronavirus deaths
Already today we have 8 European national records (if Armenia + Georgia are considered Euro)

#Georgia has raised its own record 5 times in 7 days with today's total of 1,351 new #Covid19 cases
#TravelCorridor - a long shot last week, and it remains so.
But someone at the meeting may raise the prospect of admitting #CanaryIslands back onto the green list
Incidence rate per 100,000 was 41 last week, down to 38 now
Unlikely but @grantshapps could make a few people happy
So I do some other work for an hour and all hell breaks loose, with 5 more Euro national records & some eye-watering figures

First #Slovenia, which before today had never seen 900 #Covid19 cases in a day. It has now. A huge leap to 1,503 today.
Infection rate up from 360 to 415
#Swizerland similar story to Slovenia but on a larger scale.

The country's highest number of new #Covid19 infections in a day was 3,105. It's now 5,596.
Infection rate goes from 335 AD/M to 380 in a single day
#Romania registers a new national record of 4,848 new #Covid19 cases up from 4,016 last Wednesday.

Romania also suffers 69 more deaths.
The country's infection rate is 198 AD/M
#Bosnia & Herzegovina set a new case record yesterday of 728.

Today's #Covid19 new cases total 925. Another record, and double last Wednesday's total.
#Latvia has equalled its national record today.

The eastern European state has seen 188 new cases of #Covid19 , which is identical to the previous high tally set 4 days ago.
Even #Denmark is back near record-breaking territory in the fight against #coronavirus

630 new #Covid19 cases detected today. The record of 678 was set on 25 Sept after which cases fell quite sharply for a fortnight before a sudden reversal.
#Sweden reports 979 new cases of #Covid19 today +6 more #coronavirus deaths

These figures continue the trend of small daily increases in the infection rate. This time last week AD/M infection rate was 66, today it's 82 (57/100k) - will that be enough to stay on #TravelCorridor?
#Netherlands has broken its record again but my tweet of a couple of days ago stands, but chances of topping 9000 tomorrow have increased.

Today 8,743 new #Covid19 cases, and another record for daily deaths too with 59 fatalities, highest since 5 May
Keeping tabs on Gibraltar. Another 13 new cases of #Covid19 there today. Thankfully well down on yesterday's shock record of 31, and indeed down on last Wednesday's figure.
Infection rate still extremely high but its status should hopefully mean no quarantine for tourists.
#Portugal comes close to setting a new record with 2,535 new #Covid19 cases. That's nearly 25% up on last Wednesday
Still the northern region responsible for Portugal's bad numbers, with 1,379 of the infections.
Azores (1 new case) and Madeira (4) safe to remain on TravelCorridor
So here's the first of the big western European countries to report, and a massive new record for #Italy.

15,199 new #covid19 infections (11705 was previous record)
That's more than double last Wednesday's figure, and the real prospect Italy will hit 20,000 later this week
As well as it's record new infections figure, Italians are also shocked this evening by the worst #Coronavirus death figures for almost exactly 5 months.
127 more people have died of #Covid19, the most in a day since 130 passed away on 22 May
I found a European country which is definitively going down!

Since breaking its national record a week ago, #Moldova has reported consistently lower figures, with today's total of 833 new #Covid19 infections 316 fewer than 7 days ago.
#Luxembourg becomes the 17th European country to break its' national #coronavirus record today

A giant leap too with 430 new cases, eaily beating the previous high of 242.

Huge rise in cases for #UK

26,687 new #Covid19 infections in last 24 hours
The number of #Covid19 deaths in the #UK today is 191, second highest during second wave of #coronavirus

NB: There's a dispute of one case between the totals given by the government and their own calculation of new infections
to explain for any pedants...
UK govt is saying there are now 789,229 total positive cases
Yesterday the total was 762,542
The difference being the number I reported, 26,687
But UK govt website says 26,688
but obviously it makes little difference
And the 19th country in Europe today to break its infection record is..

and another big leap I'm afraid with 865 new #Covid19 cases, almost exactly double last Wednesday.
20th country is... #NorthMacedonia which registers 640 new #Covid19 cases

That's 46 higher than the record set at the weekend.
And another one... #Belarus with 733 new #covid19 infections becomes the 21st European country to set a new national record.
Previous record of 671 was set four days ago
For 5th successive day crisis-torn #Czechia looks set to break its #coronavirus death record

Already today 100 people have lost their lives to #Covid19 in the country; yesterday's record was 106.
Results are updated at midnight GMT when the daily case record could also be broken
#Cyprus reports 127 new #covid19 cases today

Bizarrely, although it's 150% up on last Wednesday's number, I put that down as good news.
That's more evidence the Cypriots are containing the spike after the record 202 cases at the weekend.
Positive test rate still low, 3.8%
Good to know I am a day ahead of others covering Cyprus!
In just a little over 3 weeks, after its strict lockdown, #Israel has managed to reduce the daily #Covid19 case avg down from 6,200 to 1,300
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