Two weeks ago we previewed some temporary changes we’re making ahead of #Election2020 to encourage more thoughtful consideration before Tweets are amplified and to add additional context across Twitter. Today, you’ll see them on Twitter.
First, we’re encouraging everyone to Quote Tweet. We hope it will encourage everyone to not only consider why they are amplifying a Tweet, but also increase the likelihood that people add their own thoughts, reactions and perspectives to the conversation.
2nd, we’re preventing “liked by” & “followed by” recommendations from showing up in your home timeline. This will likely slow down how quickly Tweets from accounts & topics you don’t follow reach you, but is a worthwhile sacrifice to encourage thoughtful & explicit amplification.
Third, we’re only showing Trends that have context in the “For You” tab in the US
Twitter has a critical role to play in protecting the public conversation, especially around #Election2020 . As with any other change, we will learn, observe, and iterate based on their impact.
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