They want to investigate "the assorted relationships between WE Charity, including any of its affiliated or related organizations and the Kielburger family, on the one part, and the government and ministers of the Crown and their families, on the other part." 2/
This is a fishing trip where all the facts are already known and they want to create a platform to amplify that Margaret and Alexandre Trudeau made some money over the years. This is not criminal nor is it corrupt. It's public. 3/
They want to investigate "all aspects of the CECRA program, including its planning, development, establishment and implementation" under the banner of *corruption* when the Government suggestion of a committee on COVID spending is reasonable. 4/
They want to investigate "all aspects related to the allegations of lobbying by Rob Silver or MCAP for amendments to the Income Tax Act in respect of the CEWS program" when there is no tangible outcome or benefit to MCAP. Nothing burger with cheese. 5/
Something incoherent about ventilator purchases that don't imply any corruption. 6/
In addition, the conservatives want carte blache for a Benghazi style star chamber "any other matter connected to the government’s COVID-19 pandemic response measures that any standing committee of the House may request the committee to investigate" HARRASSMENT comes to mind /end
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