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while asian women go through misogyny just like every other in America does, the misogyny that they face is not unique to them from Asian men as opposed to white men

in overall American society, because the WMAF pairing was normalized after WW2, https://twitter.com/sonkaian/status/1318490709280886785

Because of the normalization and encouragement of this pairing Asian women have an easier time assimilating into American culture in ways Asian men are not. Asian men have nowhere near the same social and political capital that white men do in American society.

yet somehow, Asian men are told we're worse than white men in America.

these Asian women who hate themselves claim:

"Asian incels are the worst"

let's unpack that shall we? if we take that statement at face value, we assume that there's a hierarchy of incels.

but what is an incel exactly? let's define that first. presumably if we're going on the mainstream definition, it's some guy who's source of his main ire is that he has no way of getting sex, and due to his sexual frustration, is a misogynist who feels entitled to said sex.

in American society, incel typically codes as white. because white men were on top for so long, they were afforded many privileges due to their benefit of being a white male in American society. only recently, 3rd/4th wave feminism challenged those ideals.

incels therefore are reacting out of a lost sense of privilege, feeling that because their predecessors got sexual satisfaction much easier (if not romantically for being white, from harassment and assault), they feel "cheated" out of what they saw as their privilege.

so what are Asian incels then? Asian men in America never had the patriarchal power in society that white men had. they were emasculated and harassed or even killed when they were successful with women (usually white, but sometimes even Asian)

Asian American men have no political or social power in America. in fact, much of that power is in the hands of Asian American women, from Amy Chua, Elaine Chao, Julie Chen, Celeste Ng, Amy Tan, etc. they control the narrative of Asian America, by design.

white supremacy operates in media not solely by acts of explicit commission, but by those of omission. by only elevating AsAm women who tear down and shit on AsAm men, they create this perception that AsAm men have just as much power and influence as white men.

EVERY time an Asian man presents an ACTUAL challenge to white male patriarchy it gets shut down.

from Sessue Hayakama to Bruce Lee to KPop, they get seen as "the yellow peril", or weird Kung Fu or effeminate and homosexual.

and EVERY time an Asian woman either diminishes or erases an Asian man, they get elevated. From Amy Tan to Celeste Ng to All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han. this isn't a coincidence. it's by design.

if Asian men have less power in America in society, can Asian incels truly be worse than white incels? does this mean that Black incels are better than white incels? how does this hierarchy work?

and what defines an Asian incel exactly? can they explain that?

they can't because it's nonsensical. Asian men, incel or not, can not be more responsible for structural patriarchal oppression that women face in America than white men. we don't write the laws, we don't control the news, we can't change jack even if we wanted to.

it's just reactionary nonsense from these Asian Karens who simply lift what they learned from their white 3rd wave Karenism friends to weaponize against Asian men in a racial manner, which then is enabled by their actual non Asian women friends.

because to many of these women, because they are afforded privileges for bashing Asian men since 1965, and since bashing men is socially acceptable, it's an easy way for them to gain social currency from both progressives and those in power.

it's game theory optimal for them to thus bash Asian men against their own race, because Asian men don't have a voice to speak out against this mechanism. non Asian people don't have the context to unpack everything I just mentioned, so they have no fear of social reprisals.

that is, until someone annoyingly meticulous and obsessive about this comes along to analyze everything.

(though not because i'm an "Asian incel", but because i want to change the perception of Asian Americans through media)
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