Here’s my business model.

I support myself in two ways: online courses in the short term and investing in the long term.

When people find me online, I encourage them to sign up for my email list where I share links to Twitter, YouTube videos, podcasts, and long-form essays.
Everything is driven by my Audience-First Products thesis.

It has three steps: (1) share ideas consistently, (2) grow an audience, and (3) either invest in the audience or build products for them. The flywheel funds my long-form essays — my true passion.
If you're interested in building something like this for yourself, sign up for my 7-day email course.

In it, I share the basics of writing online which is the best place to begin. 
I'm inspired by Walt Disney's original business model.

At some point, I asked myself: "How can I translate that into a flywheel for myself?"

Like Disney, it all starts with the audience. The possibilities open up once you've built relationships at scale. So that's my plan.
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