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Ive been struck lately but how much devs can do with simple Mechanics. Especially when you compare small games to big ones. This becomes more interesting, when you compare an emphasis on Content with an emphasis on Mechanics:
Lets start by looking at games that create experiences with little content: The kingdom games take Tower defense, and hone it down to the bare bones. They add a couple new ideas and make it feel clean.

with little content, its still fresh after 40 hours
Cultist simulator is another example. With a table backdrop, some simple UI, and interesting logic mechanics, this game creates a long, enjoyable experience that sticks with you.
Although, there is a lot of readable content I suppose.

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Now, of course, you can also create an incredible experience with the reverse: a heavy emphasis on content and few, or fairly unrevelatory mechanics. Skyrim, Diablo 3, Tomb Raider, and lots of narrative games do this well.

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Ideally, the best games of all do both. Hollow knight is renowned for its absolutely gorgeous and understandable mechanics and it has an incredible amount of content. Games like Stellaris, Sunless sea, and Super Meat Boy also hit this balance well.

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But as an #indiedev, and especially for new devs, let's be honest, what do we tend to lack? Ideas? Or the time and money to execute them? Many of us lack artistic skill or the money to hire someone to do very much, and it can be crushing to look at how much is left to do.
Not only that, But CONCRETE Mechanics make new content feel effortless. Super Meat boy is a couple of mechanics rewritten a multitude of ways, and IT WORKS. Our instinct is to top ourselves every level, but sometimes we only need to think outside of the box once.
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To round this out:
1. Try putting Mechanics before Content
2. Make Mechanics simple and Clear
3. Think Outside the box once, Concretely
5. Take all of my words with a grain of salt

Thanks for reading 🙂
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Also, Shoutout to all the devs on my timeline who do this well, unlike me.

The #indiedev community is an amazing place.

Looking at you
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