THREAD: With TWO WEEKS until Election Day, we need to talk about #HowFascismWorks. Philosopher @jasonintrator saw it coming - and his book lays out the warning signs.

Follow along and find more ways to fight back at ! (1/12)
Fascists are *obsessed* about a perfect past. Sound familiar?

*cough cough* MAGA? 🙄

Say F off to simplistic stories about American greatness, and learn to love America’s big beautiful mess. Check out projects like @ZinnEdProject to spice up your knowledge (2/12)
Fascists are 🌊FLOODING our feeds with #misinformation like never before, and it’s coming all the way from the top.

Follow campaigns like @wewinblack @ColorOfChange and @snopes that are checking the facts and attacking the #disinformation machine head-on. (3/12)
Fascists HATE scientists and expertise - and anybody who lets facts and data get in the way 😒

But from #COVID__19 to #ClimateChange - our lives are on the line - and accuracy is everything! Support groups like @UCSUSA and @UnKochCampus to protect vital research. (4/12)
Fascists are living in a fantasy world, and their latest conspiracy is the completely false theory that mail-in voting = voter fraud.

Cancel out these lies by being #VoteReady ! Check out @votedotorg for the latest accurate info and see how you can #PlanYourVote (5/12)
Fascists love to play by their own rules, and from Trump’s unpaid taxes to growing 📈 #PandemicProfits, inequality is off the charts.

Reverse the trend by supporting laws like @IlhanMN’s #RentCancellation Act and getting involved in #MutualAid through @MutualAidHub! (6/12)
Fascists love to play on a false sense of #WhiteVictimhood by attacking things like racial sensitivity training - the minimum we can do for racial equity.

F*ck fascism by showing up for racial justice ✊🏻✊🏾✊🏿 Plug-into a @ShowUp4RJ chapter near you. (7/12)
Fascists will stop at nothing to shut down dissent, and #authoritarian leaders often lean on "law and order" to hold on to power.

Cops won’t save us, but a new vision of safety might!

Say F that by supporting campaigns like #DefundThePolice from @Mvmnt4BlkLives (8/12)
Fascists want us to think trans and queer folks are the "enemy." From military bans, rolled-back rights, and increased violence, they want to put us back into tired gender roles.

F*ck this scapegoating by supporting orgs defending LGBTQIA+🌈 lives like @SRLP and @TLDEF (9/12)
Fascists like Trump are trying to play on 🏡suburban/🏙️urban divides by fear mongering about encroaching affordable housing.

Say F off by defending housing as a human right, and supporting the orgs making this a reality like @HFA_RenterPower (10/12)
Fascists say that work will set us free, even as they force millions of essential workers to risk their lives in the middle of a deadly pandemic!

#FACTS: Only movement building will set us free. Vote. Organize. Mobilize! It’s our only hope. #FckFascism! (11/12)
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