What are your short term and long term marketing goals?

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The truth is that there is no such thing as long and short term marketing...
There are long and short term marketing GOALS though!

“Mr. Potato I don’t work in marketing, why would I care?”

You DO care. After all you are currently managing a brand.

That could be "just" your persona brand (i.e your personal profile).
“So how do I plan my marketing goals?”

My recommendation is for you to plan it as professionals do, by quarter.

That is for every 3 months, at least for 4 quarters in advance. 1 year of planning. Q1, Q2, Q3...
“Mr. Potato, I don’t know where to start, what am I supposed to plan?”

You are overcomplicating things.

Start from the beginning.

What would you like to accomplish in the first 3 months. And in 6? In 9 months?
Your goals can be as simple as “grow my follower base to X number”

You might fall short and not even hit 25% of your goal…

And that’s OK! Some accounts do grow faster than others.

The point is for you to reassess (better) next quarter.
The key is to have a clear objective in mind, the right vision.

Don't do for the sake of doing.

There is a good reason why professionals do plan ahead.

If you do want professional results. Act as one.
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