I'll let you into a secret..

Virtually all MPs - whether Tory or Labour - despise Brexit.
Even many of those well known as Brexiters hate it.

The whole thing is performance.
But they all know honesty about the greatest f*ck-up in post-war history is pointless...at this stage.
So here's how it'll go:

We've left EU, so they all have to pretend we're going to make a success of it.
But actually all parties will spend next 2 decades getting back to Single Market status without saying it.

Then we'll rejoin.
& have to join Euro.

Its all been for nothing.

Nobody can say this publicly otherwise entire UK political system looks ridiculous.
People will feel stupid.

Brexit itself will have likely cost UK economy £500 Bn by 2030.

How can you explain this to people?

You can't.
How could you?

Its the cost of 10 million degrees.

No apolgies for repeating this:

+Brexit is the cost of 10 million degree courses+

The entire young population for the next half a century to come educated in science, maths whatever.

The biggest educational explosion since renaiassence.

But no, instead we're doing Brexit.

..& the really funny thing - the kicker..:

the UK's political parties Tories & Labour will spend the next 2 deacdes reversing Brexit, 1st thru alignment, then rejoining.

The entire thing - the entire UK - is now undertaking this performance simply to hide its embarassment.
Everyone - by this I mean everyone in media, politics, business - knows this.

Its not controversial.
Rejoin is controversial now, but no one informed seriously doubts UK will attempt to get back to single market status & align with EU.

So Brexit now is simply a performance.
Some dont believe this.
What about those angry Brexit MPs?

Well you'd be angry if you're reminded publicly the thing you spent your whole life calling for cost the country £500Bn, destroys UK & will likely be overturned eventually anyway.

Who wants to be reminded of that?
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