Unless the entire GOP drops dead before the election I have no choice. That's what people don't get.

Some of you will be okay if Biden loses. Some of you can play ideological politics & vote 3rd party or write in.

If Biden doesn't win I literally get to pick which way I die. https://twitter.com/mmpadellan/status/1318401594787057664
I'm glad it's so cute

to my super left friends
and my white liberals friends who didn't get their perfect Jesus candidate

and my tech white boy pals who are all rah rah and Libertarian party
And all my Ice Cube Diddy Kanye 50 cent fools who think they'll pay less taxes under fascism's steel toed boot in their ass.
But I need Biden to win so I can LITERALLY live to fight another day while y'all out here fucking around in fantasy land.
I might not like him but I know he will at least respect the rules of this ridiculous game so I can fight for my people without dying of cancer in the meantime.
It's not the first time I'd have to choose between getting beaten by the systems bigger or smaller stick and it won't be the last.
But fuck at least with Biden I won't die of #COVID19, #cancer or the next pandemic before we can help more people live and get free.
And I wish you third party, "leave President blank" motherfuckers would stop playing with my mother fucking life.
Thank you for the discourse that took place while I slept. Feel free to continue debating as is your luxury. I don't mean that with any malice. I just don't have it 🤷🏽‍♀️

I think I've made my position clear so I'm muting this after I include one more detail.
The detail:

No this is not hyperbole. I am #HighRiskCovid19 - I can't out run this thing forever.

My family has been SUPER careful and we've been exposed FOUR times.
Eventually when exposure becomes a positive test, his policies kill me unless someone changes that. I can probably avoid it via as much isolation asI can fior 6 more months.

But I have the kids. I need to eat and go to the doctor. In Texas COVID is a joke to them.
I have a chronic cancer, which is why my immune system is so low.

It's controlled & doesn't stay that way forever. I lived in 2016 because of the ACA and selling my business.

I die without it. Period. I'm not looking for pity. I'm looking for you to know I speak for millions.
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