Minister @LilyDAmbrosioMP says that while COVID-19 pandemic has been the focus of govt, it has also been "working feverously" on climate action. #VicClimateSolutions #SpringSt
Minister @LilyDAmbrosioMP says the state Climate Strategy and Emissions Reduction Targets will be released in coming months. (Music to the ears of community climate champions) #VicClimateSolutions #SpringSt
Minister @LilyDAmbrosioMP reiterates that the Andrews govt will be announcing the Emissions Reduction Targets and pledges to cut emissions across the economy in coming months. #VicClimateSolutions #SpringSt
. @LilyDAmbrosioMP says Vic Labor is a govt that understands the relationship between economic crises, recovery, and opportunity. Cites the Rudd govt stimulus in response to the GFC. #VicClimateSolutions #SpringSt
Minister @LilyDAmbrosioMP says the Vic govt is keen to "dial things up" when it comes to seizing economic opportunities that stem from climate action + energy transition. #VicClimateSolutions #SpringSt
. @LilyDAmbrosioMP says globally, even conservative countries like the UK, the question for govts is how much and how fast do we act on climate. #VicClimateSolutions #SpringSt
Minister @LilyDAmbrosioMP says the Federal govt will take "pitiful" Emissions Reduction Targets to COP26. Victoria is in a strong position to exert influence in that arena. #VicClimateSolutions #SpringSt
Minister @LilyDAmbrosioMP: "the Morrison govt didn't understand that the gas-lead recovery would go down like a lead balloon." #SpringSt #Auspol #NoNewGas
Minister @LilyDAmbrosioMP says the Morrison govt's 'gas-lead recovery' fails to acknowledge the need to decarbonise the economy and the cost effectiveness of renewables. #SpringSt #Auspol #NoNewGas
Question to Minister @LilyDAmbrosioMP: Where do you stand on the science in the context of climate policy? #VicClimateSolutions #VicTargets #SpringSt
Minister @LilyDAmbrosioMP: "In Victoria... We want to keep global warming to well-below 2°C."
Minister @LilyDAmbrosioMP says "whether we can keep it below 1.5°C" will take levers beyond those the state has at its disposal. #VicClimateSolutions #VicTargets #SpringSt
Minister @LilyDAmbrosioMP says there's cross-sectoral support for delivering Emissions Reduction Targets that keep global warming to well-below 2°C and pursue efforts to keep it <1.5°C. #VicClimateSolutions #VicTargets #SpringSt
When it comes to Emissions Reduction Targets, the community has a view on what Victoria's goal should be... Let's lead the drive for less than 1.5°C. #VicClimateSolutions #VicTargets #SpringSt
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