The postal clerk (who was ALSO ignoring the state #MaskOrder along with her co-worker) at first told me “She was told they did NOT have to date stamp ballots.” I pointed out to her that I had affixed two stamps OF MY OWN to the prepaid envelope, and again requested she stamp it👇🏻
I remained polite but insistent, saying that because MY OWN stamps were on there, I would like a post mark on my ballot. She finally said she would call their main postmaster in #Mauston, #WI—who told her she HAD to postmark my ballot. She did so, and I took a picture of it 👇🏻👇🏻
I told her I wanted a picture in case something went wrong “at my local polling place.” But I really took the pics as proof that I had given them to her. If she would have continued to refuse, I would have taken my ballot to another post office or directly to my clerk, 👇🏻👇🏻
PLEASE SHARE THIS THREAD: #DemCast #DemCastWI: As the postal clerk’s entire attitude toward postmarking my ballot was worrisome (and I felt it may have even been PARTISAN), I’ll be concerned until I can be sure my local village clerk received my ballot via
As an aside, I was the only customer in the #PostOffice. There was no line behind me nor time crunch—it was midday, and these two illegally #maskless workers in a #USPS office weren’t refusing to postmark my #ballot due to being overly BUSY—they were just standing there talking.
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