20 October 2020 #MAGAanalysis

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Following all those hashtags, we begin tonight with tremendous honor to @TuckerCarlson. He is, bar none, the most courageous journalist in America today. What a hero! https://twitter.com/Johnheretohelp/status/1317850305862766593
2) Before we dive in, honor goes out to two others. First, @tamaraleighllc who just got her account back!!! And 2nd to @Johnheretohelp. John ALWAYS calls out the hard truth you hear from so few others. And man, does he get the China issue. His work inspires tonight's analysis.
3) We've done this before, but it's time for a review of our rogues' gallery of POTUSes who sold our American Destiny to China. I'm going to go slowly on this. You'd think we'd begin with Nixon, and maybe we should, yet, I say no. My reason follows...
4) I do blame Kissinger. I don't believe you'll hear this anywhere else, but I put Kissinger into Soros' class of evil. Kissinger is brilliant. No one questions that. And what a great writer. I can't not read his works. They're mandatory reading, if only for the good writing.
5) Kissinger is nowhere near as great a writer as his boss Nixon was, though. And when I read Nixon, I can't help but sucker for his case. First, right or wrong, he honestly believed the USSR was ahead of us in almost every major military area. What if he had been right?
6) He wasn't right. The USSR was VASTLY behind us. We now know that. But Nixon couldn't have and here's why not. Our entire Intelligence apparatus was compromised. From its inception it leaned left. As in, way, way, WAY left. Nixon's intelligence was poisoned.
7) So, honestly believing that USSR had vastly more strength than it did, his deal with China was an absolutely genius move. And no, I do NOT buy that it was Kissinger who made it happen. Nixon was, if anything, his own man. He did NOT outsource the Presidency.
8) So, what I happily grant him is this. Winning China's alliance with us against Moscow was brilliant, and it worked. If you read Nixon's great work, The Real War, you'll discover an amazing thing. Here's the book link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ALYRRIS/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1
9) It's an AWESOME read, no kidding. Nixon worked on his writing as a mastery path, every day of his life. Imagine that. He was a truly GREAT writer. Ah, but even still, he had a shocking quality. Humility. Who knew? Yes, he did. He submitted his work to others, humbly.
10) Which is to say, Nixon, while leading the team both by way of his writing and his project leadership, he put his writing in front of the best minds he could recruit, and led the team to project conclusion. These are world class skills. I am in awe of them.
11) The amazing @hughhewitt, a major member of the team that co-wrote Nixon's greatest book, tells us this. The entire team knew they'd succeeded when they saw Ronald Reagan with a copy of their book under his arm. Imagine that! That was winning.
12) Ford and Carter? I haven't forced myself to care enough about either of them to comment. I imagine them both to be nice enough men, you know, family and friends and such. And Jimmy appears to be both a decent peanut farmer and carpenter. What more is there to say?
13) Reagan defeated USSR. He did a great deal more. Nixon, so sadly, gave us defeat in Vietnam. If I were to judge Nixon for anything most harshly, it would be defeat in Vietnam and the aftermath of American shame. It was his show. He capitulated. That's on him.
14) Besides, maybe he gave up Vietnam in order to satisfy Mao Tse Tung's demands. Still, I'm not reneging on him. If it took loosing Vietnam to defeat USSR, that's a call I can't reject or judge. Hard stuff, this international stuff, isn't it? 50,000 American soldiers lost.
15) And what did it cost America here at home? Vets coming home to spit as opposed to ticker parades? What did that do to the soul of America? We became ashamed. America Herself does not do well with shame. She's supposed to be proud, NOT ashamed.
16) Still, it's truly easy for me to imaging Nixon's calculation. Shame versus Total Annihilation. Who can't handle a little shame in the face of nuclear warfare in which the entirety of America is blanketed with USSR nukes? So okay Mao, here's Vietnam, we'll give it back to you.
17) Reagan gave us back our pride. Nixon gave China its actual start toward pride in the world's eyes. He was absolutely ready to do business with one form of Communism to fight another. That was his call. Reagan went a different way.
18) Tear down that wall, Mr Gorbachev. JFK said, Ich bin ein Berliner. Why? JFK wanted Berlin to be free. Reagan picked up the chant. Tear down the wall. What a team, Kennedy and Reagan. My own story intrudes now...
19) Idiot that I was, I hated Reagan with a white hot and furious hatred. My amazing wife @KateScopelliti, the most honest person I've ever known, lied to me about voting for Reagan. She knew how much I hated him, and took the better part of caution and lied directly to my face.
20) Well, I exaggerate. It was ONLY a lie of omission. She just never said anything about it when I was going off on my radical socialist rants. It's one of those things where I just don't really understand how she loved me so much. It was a lie of omission...by way of love.
21) Hating Reagan as I did, I can't quite make the call on his China policy. I simply imagine he agreed with Nixon, addressed USSR. How did we win the Cold War? This one speech may explain that more than any other factor. Check this out!
22) Seriously, if I'd heard this speech back in 1988, my conversion - my #WalkAway moment - might have come far sooner than 1999. Alas. I did not know about this speech back then. Seriously. It's worth an entire hour of your time. I promise.
21) Finally, our rogues' gallery commences. Bush41. Tiananmen Square. I can't help it. I have to share this image again. It should be emblazoned on our collective memory as a people. Look at this. It's beyond amazing!
22) And for additional context, watch this!
23) I don't know about you. I was only able to watch 2 and 1/2 minutes of Bush41's statement. By that point, he is so obviously in bed with the Communist government of China, it makes my stomach turn. Fair warning given:

24) Whoops. I said Mao. It wasn't Mao Bush41 did business with, it was Den Xiaoping. Here's Bush's envoy, Brent Scowcroft, AFTER the Tiananmen massacre.
25) And here is Bush41 himself, in China, AFTERWARDS as well. It makes my stomach turn to present it to you.
26) This is the beginning of our gallery of sell outs. Bush41 made uncountable millions or billions, off selling our factories to China. That's the beginning. Do you remember Reagan's America? I sure do. Idiot that I was, I hated him. But America did well, and he won Kate's vote.
28) In order to follow Bush43's role there are a couple of complex factors to review. One is China's combined entry into the WTO, AND it's Most Favored Nation trading status. The other is the entire Free Trade swindle. Let's take that, Free Trade, first.
29) The simplest way to understand free trade is that we, America, places NO tariff on another nation's trade with us, on their products. Their products come into our ports with NO fee. That's free trade. It means free to others. Ah, but what about us? Nope. Not free.
30) Other nations are NOT required to reciprocate. They're allowed - most of all, China is allowed - to ship its products in free, as we said, but it's also allowed to place HUGE tariffs on our products. Imagine that. Free to them, expensive to us, that's what Free Trade means.
31) There's an entire philosophy undergirding all this absolute asinine stupidity. The philosophy is that trade liberalizes nations, no matter how fascist, totalitarian, communist they may be. Let's help them see the light. How? By giving them vast trade advantages.
32) By playing to their greed, we will convince them that democracy and freedom is better than totalitarianism. Free Trade will liberalize them, and all will be well. That's the basic philosophy.

Can you so debunked by history? If not, learn that word.


And stupid.
33) It's worse. It is beyond malarkey. It is 100% false, and they, its greatest proponents totally, 100% know how false it is. They couldn't give a rat's ass about freedom or democracy. No, no! They took hidden ownership over all the plants they shipped to China.
34) Slave labor? Oh yeah, we should still be able to have blacks as slaves here, but we can't. So, we happily employ Chinese slaves in their place. The billions we win thereby will pay for all the labor we need on our current plantations. That's what they did. For billions.
35) Most Favored Nation status means this. Any deal that any member of the WTO makes, is granted in all its advantages to China. So, here's NAFTA. It gives incredible benefits to Canada and Mexico. And...yeah, you know what's coming...China too! And that's what Bush43 did.
37) Note the date. 19 September 2000. Clinton's already termed out. Al Gore is running for POTUS, as is Bush43. Eventually, Bush43 wins. And what happens after that? He honors and supports China's Most Favored Nation trading status, and catapults it into the WTO.
38) In the Senate, Most Favored Nation trading status binds any Senate approved deal. By granting China that amazing position, America led the way to honoring China NOT ONLY with entrance into the WTO, oh no! But with WTO's Most Favored Nation status also.
39) This a lot of information. Do you need a break? I do. I'm going to contemplate how Bush43 handed off the China baton to Obama and Biden. What was Clinton2's role in all this? How about John Kerry? When I come back after my little break, that's where I'll pick up. Kerry.
40) It was a short break. Now, I need you to think about taxes. Under all these rogues, American factories paid taxes on every sale's revenues. Billions upon billions of dollars of taxes. Got that? And what did Chinese factories pay? NO taxes. Zero. Nada. Zilch. It's worse.
41) In addition to their slave labor, they suffer NO EPA requirements. None. No OSHA, obviously. No regulations or cost of regulations as a limiting condition upon production. Did I mention no taxes? Oh yeah, I did. And more, maybe the worst. Subsidies for, yes, transportation.
43) But where/when did those subsidies come from in the first place? My understanding does give that honor to Nixon. But, no matter, our rogues, Bush41, Clinton1, Bush43 all supported this subsidy. Think about that. If you're a traditional Republican, did you know about all this?
44) And that brings us to Obama. His love, his adoration, was Iran. His gal, Valerie Jarett is half Iranian in descent. She, by the way, was/is the most powerful person in the entire Obama world. She lives in his DC mansion. She was with him in Chicago. Now that's power.
45) Why didn't the Iranian Spring succeed? The Iranian people were ready to topple their oppressors in power. They risked their lives in their protests. Who remembers that? It MUST be remembered. They protested and died, believing America would rise for them. America did not.
46) I'm afraid to read this entire story. It breaks my heart in advance. How about you? What is your emotion about Obama's travesty in those early days of his administration? History lost. That's my take. What's yours?
Damn, I failed to hit paste. Here's the story...

48) So here's the list of POTUS traitors:


I may be wrong to NOT include Truman. Still, I'm not clear on his leadership yet, nor on where FDR led him to stand.
49) I can tell you this. If we allow Biden in, the power structure of the DC Swamp will rise up as never before. It's not that Biden will be any more corrupt than he non-Trump predecessors. No, it will be the Swamp itself that will have won. May it not be so.
50) So, here's looking at you, kid. We once had an America to hale from. Will we again? Or will let her go the way of the Dodo Bird? It's on us. That's the choice we face.
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