The fact that we indians stil dont get over that cliche pose of srk, is Indian Audience and Cinema in a nutshell. What a bunch of Clowns we really are.Expecting something Original from these dumbwits is asking for too much.These dumbfucks haven't produced a single original movie.
So much for originality in Bollywood! Here's a thread of Great foreign/Hollywood movies that have been shamelessly copied/remade by Bollywood "SuperStars"

Brace yourself for the ultimate cringe compilation!
Arguably one of the greatest films of all time is mercilessly nailed by Gajhni. The basic concept of a guy forgetting things in a 15 min span was copied and the whole structure of gajhni is inspired by memento
1) Gajhni From Memento : starting from the "perfectionist" lmao
2) Bazigar from A kiss before dying!

Baazigar has so many similarities with *Kiss before dying*, the core story line is pretty much same. Only diff being the first wasn't a hit, bazigar was!
3) Dhoom 3 heavily inspired from Prestige while it's cinematic sequeces are so similar to Dark Knight. From the neonoir settings to chase sequences. While it might not catch up first but immediate viewings of these 3 will tell the tale(concept is certainly copied from prestige)
4) here comes bhaijan :
Jai Ho is a remake of Telugu movie Stalin (AR murugadoss directed it- the same director who made gajhni🤣)
Stalin in turn, is copied by the hollywood original "pay it forward"..
5) Shaaho from french movie Largo Winch
And it's cinematic futuristic scifi cinematography (which is gorgeous at times) is copied from Blade Runner and Largo Winch Both.
Here's the two posters... one is blade runner 2049 and another is shaaho!
This asshole Mahesh bhatt hasn't made ONE original movie in his fucking lifetime. Oh what a cuck. Anyway not to get personal haha!
Here's a whole list : Murder, Murder2, Murder3 alll ffs
Not to mention his raaz series completely!1) M1 - unfaithful 2) M2- The chaser...+
The most unoriginal filmmakers out there : Mahesh bhatt & Vikram bhatt. Their Murder/Raaz series all are copies/remakes..ALL! (1) M1 - unfaithful 2) M2 - the chaser 3) M3 - the hidden face 4)R1 - what lies beneath 5) R2 - very similar to (Ring 2 + Gothika) and so on
I can go on and on and on, all the India's "visionary" directors and their movies too, too many to mention. And yeah i havent even talked about the Bollywood movies copied/remade from the south industries.

The reason why we dont have our own Nolan is the audience itself!
What hurts really, is our own audience knows nothing about the classic indian cinema, at times even hollywood used to take inspiration from our movies... movies made by Guru Dutt are seen by none, many dont even know him.
Now listing What Old Cinema looked like!
How many Cinemaphiles know Satyajit Ray nowadays? Very few.
Well he remains one of THE GREATEST DIRECTORS OF ALL time. Here's what Hollywood legends like Nolan/Martin Scorsese have to say about him....
Some of the best movies made by Ray... apu trilogy, pathar pancholi and many more! While those movies were black and white and filmmaking has changed a lot now on, you still can certainly appreciate the movies for their memorable storylines and powerful acting!
Another Great : Guru Dutt
the guy who brought neo-noir cinematic style of filmmaking in India, who made some of the best films of indian cinema like Pyaasa, Kaagaz k fools
He died very young unfortunately but his legacy lives on!
Listing some of my favs without writing further..ending this thread here. as long as we keep watching same romcoms/adult comedies,our cinema will not change.u can stop watching these shits, while it might not make any diff to these nuts, ur taste in cinema will definitely change.
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