I attended a great talk by Professor Julie Bines in the @UniMelbMDHS #InspiringStories series. She spoke on the importance of mentorship for women academics & her journey. My thread 🧵 of thoughts on diverse mentors and mentees in *formal* programs👇 #WomeninSTEMM @DrNatHannan
What's the value in a #mentor not at your work/ not in your field?  Let me tell you about the value I got from people waaay outside my fields, via my participation in formal matching programs so far in my career (another thread on informal relationships another time).
My mentor in the @UniMelbMDHS mentoring program was the amazing Leann Tilley, Prof of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. Although clearly our work doesn't align, the conversations we had re: work-life balance & gaps in my CV were 👌. She ⬆️ my confidence & my scicomm on impact. 🌟
My peer mentors in the @UniMelbMDHS mentoring program were amazing! Such diverse research but they made me feel supported, not alone, & they were living through the same research landscape & career stages. We even performed a dance together in front of the Deanery! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
My current amazing mentor in #superstarsofSTEM program, @MVEG001, scientist in cell & gene therapy, executive & entrepreneur @WomenSciAUST @ATSE_au. She is a tactician, strategist, & clear sponsor. She has named me for events/opportunities, networked me, & is endlessly supportive
I have gained so much from their diverse thinking and backgrounds, and they have each had an impact on my career and personal growth and well being, and are inspiring humans. Basically, there is MUCH to be gained from being mentored from people not in your field.
And my peer mentors from #superstarsofSTEM. My tribe of allsorts scientists. So inspiring, such important and key work, so real, such assets to humanity. Scientists who just want to make a difference to #girls and #womeninstemm and to make the world a better place. #mypeople ❤️
My @HomewardBound16 sisters. Passionate about #leadership and endlessly campaigning for the greater good, and for our planet. A global group of diverse #WomenInSTEMM who really care and who want to lead for the betterment of all. I have learned so much from you all!
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