Why Senate President Eva Copa is the unsung badass heroine of the MAS-IPSP resistance to Jeanine Áñez.
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When Evo fled, much of the MAS leadership resigned, and Áñez declared herself president, Eva Copa regrouped the MAS-led legislature to be the unflinching counterweight to the interim regime.
Here she is after convening the legislature while the country was militarized.
In the shadow of the Senkata massacre, Copa worked for new elections. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/20/world/americas/bolivia-deaths-sentaka.htmll
Later she scheduled an honorary session of parliament in Senkata. It suffered from tear gas when police attacked survivors of the massacre who were protesting.
Led the campaign for prompt elections, including through veto overrides and confrontations with President Áñez.
Faced off with the military leadership and Minister Murillo, insisting the legislature must approve officer promotions and can censure cabinet members.
Murillo was censured for failing to appear to testify before the legislature. Last Friday, Áñez’s government sealed its offices to refuse to receive the censure papers. https://twitter.com/EvaCopa_Bol/status/1317115896020729861?s=19
Undeterred Eva and allies taped the removal papers to the front door. Murillo accepted his dismissal today. https://twitter.com/EvaCopa_Bol/status/1317199978490724353?s=19
For the last year, Eva Copa has walked over coals for the MAS-IPSP. Yet due to factional differences with Evo, she was left off its candidate list for this year. S
Sunday's vote was, she said, a vote not just against corruption but against self-importance, imposition, political and judicial persecution, and the humiliation of humble people. /fin
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