I do not have the huge platform as other accounts so this may not spread very far. But during this election cycle it is important to remind those of you that have Senators up for re-election, that it is crucial for our Democracy, The Rule of Law ,
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And our Institutions to vote the @GOP out of Office. Please consider a #BidenAdministration with #MoscowMitch still at the helm. Sadly, it will be nothing more than the stalemate of the #ObamaAdministration , with no new legislation to right the wrongs, no #Covid relief, 2 /5
Just Mitch determined to make Joe a one term President.
And if by some inexplicable chance trump wins ? If the @GOPSenate becomes a minority ? Then trump will be unable to continue his destruction of our Country. With a Democratic majority of both Houses 3 /5
There will be stability, accountability.....normalcy.
That is why I am pleading to those States who have Senate races, imagine come January, donald trump remains president. Can we survive 4 more ?
Please vote them out ! 4 /5
Please vote a straight Democratic ticket! There is so much at stake this time around. For those of you who took the time to read this thread, I appreciate it. My heart is hurting for America and I just needed to voice my concerns 🙏 #BidenHarrisToSaveAmerica 5/5
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