This maybe a thread so if you would like to take the time to read this then thank you. The summer of 2008 I was visiting family in Abilene, TX where one of my uncles was a die hard Red Wings fan. The only sports I primarily knew were football, basketball, and baseball.. [Cont.]
Those were the only sports that were taught to me that my family knew well. That night the Red Wings were playing in the Stanley Cup Finals against the Penguins. We didn't really have TV at the time so to watch any sport was great for me. My 8 years old self saw the team.. [Cont]
'Penguins' and I already knew that was the team I liked. When I heard Docs broadcast I fell in love with the terms and the way he he called the game. When the 2009 season began I began to listen to hockey on the radio online. [Cont.]
That's where I truly started my loyalty to the Penguins. I started listening to Penguins radio broadcaster Mike Lange and he was my favorite INSTANTLY! He had a similar style Doc had but Lange had some funny catchphrases that I loved. [Cont.]
Lange would always have something up his sleeve no one else had. Whether it was "GREAT BALLS OF FIRE", "SLAP ME SILLY SIDNEY!", or even "SPIT SHINE YOUR SHOES BABY! THE PENS ARE GONNA GO DANCING WITH THE LORD OF LORDS.. LORD. STANLEY!" [Cont.]
Lange would always find a way to light up the game to the listeners ear! The primary point of this thread is if it wasn't for Doc there is no way I would've found so much interest in the sport of hockey and found Mike Lange who is my inspiration for calling games. [Cont.]
Most football broadcasters have a favorite football broadcaster that they looked up to at one point. I am a little different and can say I looked up to hockey broadcasters. I am now calling games with @sixmania which has so far been amazing. #thankyoudoc for the memories!
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