I love Melbourne so much and can't wait until it's all repaired and we can go to Honcho Disco and Poof Doof and Thanh Nga 9 restaurant on Victoria Street and Supernormal and the pub near my house I went to every week but never learnt the name of!
And eat a Chicken Parma with chips. In America they serve it with pasta and without ham and it's not my friend and it never will be.
And I want to see a boba store that puts *cheese foam* on the tea and think 'Oh no, I will be healthy today.* and then seeing another, and then another, and being warn down bit by bit until I see the 41st boba store in just 3 blocks and relent and drink a tea with *cheese foam*
oh fuck, Lune Croissants. I want one of those too. And I wanna play Kubb in Edinburgh Gardens and pat some good dogs. I even wanna queue for brunch.
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