A couple things before bed:

I can understand a Christian not being able to vote in good conscience for Trump.
I cannot understand that Christian voting for Biden. 1/
If the Right loses this election, we must regroup and fight but we must not sit silently waiting. We must make the Resist crowd look like amateurs WITHOUT VIOLENCE even when met with violence (to a point).

Car parades and gatherings must continue. 2/
We must force our side's leaders to expand our tent to include the Black community. They ARE conservative; they only vote Dem because only Dems talk to them. Most blacks on the Right talk at them or past them. We must fix this issue. 3/
We must develop our own entertainment complex. The Left is the gatekeeper of "cool". We need to prove that Conservative is the new punk.

But we must demand quality. 4/
Okay, I think that's it.

Yall have a good night. Sleep well.
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