1) Remember I said Friday I felt Trump had broken Biteme, that really the race was over and just had to be run out?

2) Since then, Trafalgar moved Trump 1 point closer in PA, but internals suggest a tie now.

3) Trump himself, for the third time, said they were up in NV.
4) FL GOP walk-ins outpaced Ds for the first time in a day. If this is the crest of the Ds VBM/walkins, they came up 200,000 short---or as much as 400,000 short there.

5) Several stories have appeared showing the YUT vote is way down on campus after campus (Shocked! I tell ya).
6) AZ has moved into the safe column.

7) Despite hysteria, NC is on a trajectory to be safe. Trump today said they were up in NC.

8) OH was never, ever in doubt. IA will be closer this time, but not in doubt.
9) The Hunter Biteme stories are circling like vultures. Only a matter of time before many more shoes drop here.

10) Demented Perv Biteme is in hiding for a week, probably so he doesn't have to deal with the Hunter Biteme stories.
11) John James has moved into a clear lead in MI, joining Tommy Tuberville as D-R flips in the Senate. McSally has climbed back into a close race. Mel Tillis is safe. We could lose Ernst (we won't), Collins (maybe), Gardner & McSally and STILL hold the senate 51-49.
12) A couple of house races look better for us, inc UT4. I think we're within 7-8 in the House. We'll see.

13) ACB will be confirmed by about the 24th and there is nothing they can do to stop it.
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