The relations between addiction and idolatry:
~ Throughout the Bible, people are seen worshipping idols. However, an idol doesn’t have to be an ancient statue but instead, it’s anything that you place a higher value on than God. This is seen in the first commandment in...
Exodus 20:3 “Have no other Gods but me”.

~ Addiction in biblical terms: pursuing something other than God in a repetitive, habitual or patterned way to bring us comfort and get our needs met, even though it’s harmful to us.
~Through his words, God connects these 2 concepts of addiction and idolatry:
~ They both occur when something or someone other than God has power over us. When we’re addicted, we give more value or importance to something or someone than it deserves...
..Nothing other than God should have ultimate power over us.
~ They both happen when something masters us. When something or someone dictates our behaviour, we might have possibly fallen into addiction and idolatry, we may also deliberately change our behaviour to be more...
...acceptable to someone when really and truly, the only person we should be trying to please is God.
~ Addiction And idolatry take place when we worship or glorify something other than God. Why is it that the first thing we do in the morning is go through social media?
Why can we spend hours upon hours on social media but we can’t pray for more than an hour? All of these worldly things that we out before God are not worth it.

Scriptures to read:
• Ezekiel 14:3-8
• Isaiah 61:1-3
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