US imperialism always leave me with despair. I think alot about Bill Clinton and how on August 20th 1998, he ordered a cruise missile attack which destroyed the Al Shifa factory, the biggest pharmaceutical center that produced 90% of Sudan's pharmaceuticals.

2. This was a war crime. The US accused Sudan of producing a plant products for Osama Bin Laden and later it was proved that the US was wrong. The said plant product was being used in anti-malaria, tuberculosis treatments.
3. Thousand Sudanese died at that period during a malaria crisis due to the lack of proper treatment drugs. The saddest part is that the US never apologized or paid any compensations. Then we talk on african countries being poor while we are being forced into despair every day.
4. Now Trump's government just made Sudan promise to pay $338 million for compensations to the USA.

It doesn't make sense how this country cannot have any shame at all
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