#Update #BeninPrison

Just been told by a contact with the prison authorities that the #EndSars protesters had nothing to do with the jailbreak. So what happened? Here:
1) Phones were smuggled into the yard prior before the jailbreak. These phones were used to monitor the protests;
2) This morning, the prisoners broke out of their cells, mutinied and overpowered the guards;
3) The record office was ransacked and detention records destroyed
4) While guards struggled to retake control inside, the armed guards outside battled to fend off hoodlums marching toward the prison. Both were overwhelmed and fled for their lives
5) Sister security agencies - police, army, DSS & NSDC - refused to respond to SOS, claiming they were under instructions to stay put at their commands
Number 5 fuels the speculation that the jailbreak was a state-sponsored and sinister attempt at discrediting the #EndSars movement.
Of the 1000 plus inmates, a little over 100 inmates have been accounted for. Same for the female section of the prison where only 8 inmates have been accounted for
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