Who is Gen Z’s equivalent of Tori Amos? Does such a musician exist?
Feels like in this post- #MeToo era we should be rife with weird women singing eerie songs about miscarriages and rape, but are we?
I feel like part of the appeal of Amos for me when I was a teen was that she was a grownass woman who had seen some shit and lived to tell the tale; like your big sister explaining the horrors of womanhood to you while letting you know it was possible to survive
And I mean, she did spend her early twenties in a synthpop band called Y Kant Tori Read, so
I asked this question because I was thinking about Lilith Fair and how the 1990s was a time when a certain kind of weird, indie female performer was able to find mainstream success and it made me wonder if that moment is passed. There’s no right or wrong answer tho!
Also to be clear: when I say “Gen Z’s Tori” I don’t mean someone who is a member of Gen Z necessarily. I mean someone who serves the purpose Tori served while I was in high school for Gen Z now. Tori was in her 30s when I was in high school!
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