Tell a woman, I am not ready to date. She thinks you are challenging her. Next thing you know she's doing your laundry, cooking 5 times a day & bringing you greetings from her entire clan. When it fails, it'll be, "I'll never do a man's laundry without ađź’Ť". Who asked you to?
I don't understand it. You are trying to buy love with service? You think that's how it works? Men appreciate service but are not bound by it. Do it because you love taking care of the man, not as a tool of manipulation that you'll lament when day closes.
A man loves it when his woman cooks. The way she dances with the pot in her tiny waist calms him. It is rejuvenating to be nurtured by a woman's hand. But don't use it to trap a man whose spirit is out of the door. It'll never work. Don't matter if you cooked a whole hippopotamus
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