Merit in India before OBC Reservation started:

In 1980, My father had qualified written exam for Bank Manager in Bihar and was called for an interview. In the interview, the first question he was asked was: “Are you Singh Sahab (kshatriya)?” Because we write 'Singh' as surname.
Before my father could say anything, the other interviewer replied: “Here in Bihar even the lower castes write Singh as their surname.” They then made my father reveal his caste.

Both the interviewers were savarna (Brahmin and Kshatriya). Of course, my father was NOT selected.
Is this the “MERIT” savarnas talk about? Is this the time they miss so much and want to go back to?
Their hatred towards reservation stems from the fact that because of it we have started getting some representation in places where they don't want to see us at all. They hate us.
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