The Bulwark, The Dispatch, The Lincoln Project, and all over their “talent” have worked overtime to beat back on the will of GOP voters. They’ve tried to undercut an America First stance toward governance that yielded bottom up growth, energy independence, record-low...
...pre-pandemic unemployment, no hot wars, the beginning of peace normalizing in the Middle East, advantageous trade deals, holding allies to account, lower taxes, deeply reduced regulation, strong business repatriation — all while alienating Iran and the Palestinians and...
...calling out China.

They’ve done this because he’s not one of them: lifelong policy wonks who marinate in the tony world of coastal, theoretical poltics.

They are embarrassed at his lack of polish and tone.

And because of this, they’ve proved more than willing to help ..
...usher in a corrupt, status quo, swampy D administration — as well as provide cover for a broken, politicized bureaucracy intent on protecting its own power.

We should never forget what their pride — camouflaged by flimsy rationalizations and idealistic virtue signaling —
— have potentially done to this country should Trump lose.

The stakes are these: tens of millions of new citizens through amnesty and open borders; the likely conversion of SCOTUS and fed appeals courts into lifetime superlegislative bodies; new states; an end to the Senate...
...filibuster and a push to do away with the electoral college — all moves to cement a one party state disguised as a two party system.

Higher taxes, a return to energy dependence, the fleeing of businesses back overseas, rapproachment with China and Iran, and a domestic...
...economy weighted down in regulations and an unworkable, enormously expensive energy policy that will cripple business and spread the California model of blackouts and brownouts to the entire US,,while costibg hundreds of thousands of traditional energy sector jobs.

...all of this — ALL OF IT — is so that they can, they erroneously believe, regain their influence with surrendercon GOPism, while smothering wartime conservatives willing to fight the kinds of culture wars that have yielded little school choice, a cancel culture, the return of..
...racial essentialism, and open season on non-leftists.

These people stopped “critiquing” Trump’s agenda long ago. Instead, they’ve turned into complicit and willing actors in the subversion of the country as founded.

They are now our enemies.

Treat them accordingly.
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