I want to talk about "Black Lives Matter" and the evolution of its meaning within various subgroups, but I have not had my coffee yet.

I have come to hold the opinion that the term "Black Lives Matter" has become as dangerous as it is useful, mainly because it has been coopted by the very folks - Black & white - who ostracized the organization for both valid and invalid reasons.

Perpetrating frauds.
On its face, BLM makes perfect sense, it's a more passive way to say "Black Power". Its genius in protest terms is the statement's uncanny ability to draw racists into open debate, where bigotry always loses (because we matter).

White privilege is thus exposed for all to see.
BLM symbology became so popular... gentrifiers and business owners put the signs in their windows to show they were down with the cause.

Rappers and athletes wear the tees and hats. Grifters sell out of bootleg product all over the country.

It's basic lib fashion at this point.
But through BLM, there was an actual org started by actual Black people, femmes even, who organized the movement around eliminating bigotry in all forms, centering the most vulnerable, eliminating the patriarchy and socialist economic principles.

People seem to half-forget this.
I say "half" because everyone (on our side) seems to know that BLM™ exists but no one seems to be onboard with them, most usually because they either don't agree with the Marxist slant (capitalists) or they are not in agreement with blending in LGBTQ concerns (homo/transphobia).
But these capitalists and phobes still agree that Black Lives Matter.

And thus branding and philosophy collided, with the larger chunk of Black men and conservative-leaning Black folks still using BLM terminology while building orgs that don't share BLM™'s values.
This duality of message was a DREAM for the opposition.

"BLM™ is a communist organization."

"BLM™ wants to breakup the nuclear family."

"BLM™ wants to take your rights away."

Everyone is talking about the misuse of "antifa" (allegedly white protesters) but "BLM" is worse.
But that's just the start.

In order to build broader coalitions (i.e., include bigoted Blacks) many orgs have centered themselves around those willing to ignore the equity issues (i.e., homo/transphobia, misogeny) that exist in all - very much including Black - communities.
Similarly, when governments started offering money to Black communities, anarchists and socialists trying to upend the system didn't go for it.

It was the capitalists who jumped at the chance to start non-profits and collect Act Blue $ while slamming BLM™ for giving $ to Dems.
White people already don't know which Black people to follow, so when they hear "BLM" they just follow their branded instincts and follow.

This is why early on many didn't trust non-profits (RCJ, Riot Ribs, Wall Of Moms, etc), especially when white support swelled inexplicably.
The cold part is that in the mainstream it is believed that the protests in Portland have been hijacked by an intersectional movement; I confirmed this on Saturday when Nitty and them were here.

As if there weren't pride and women's rights and anarchy flags flying since day -1.
It seems hard for people to understand that a wide coalition of people who hit these streets for over 100 days straight could have been brought to action by the unjust murders of Black people at the hand of the police, and that we want change; a difference we ALL can feel.
So when people ask me, "What does this have to do with Black Lives Matter?" I realize that's a trick question (and bad grammer).

"Black Lives Matter" doesn't actually mean anything unless we're talking about "BLM™".

In theory, BLM™ should be with the shit.
In summary, the principles of BLM™ line up with radical action. But in reality the org just funds Dems.

The fake BLM does things like start rib tents and sell tees and go on tour but doesn't actually want political change.

So Black Lives Matter, philosophically, means nothing.
Thank you for coming to my TEDTalk.

#BlackLivesMatter (™... but only what they say in the charter, not how they fundraise and distribute)
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