On Sunday, "Super Happy Fun America" held a rally titled "Peaceful Protest Against Democrat Violence."

Antifa protesters set fire to Trump gear, and @RodWebber popped a water balloon full of "blood" onto his head.

Rod calls it "The Sacred Heart of Antifa Soros Chaos Magick."
The SHFA (best known for their "Straight Pride Parade" last year) rally was surrounded by police and barricades.

The first scuffle of the day began with Boston Police versus counter-protesters at the barricades.

All footage in thread by @StringerBoston for @N2Sreports.
Boston Police used mace and batons against leftist counter-demonstrators as they made at least one arrest.

The arrestee is visible at 45 seconds into this clip as multiple riot cops hold him down.
Protesters stood in a line in front of the Boston PD van with the arrestee inside, and police forced them back, making one more arrest in the process.
One activist from the pro-Trump sign waded into the antifascists with a sign reading "Burning Looting Mayhem" (Capital letters BLM signifying this is Black Lives Matter) and "Stop Democratic Violence."

She was told to leave their side and pushed away without injury.
Surrounded by Trump flags and signs, "Peaceful Protest Against Democrat Violence" rally organizer @SamsonRacioppi told counter-protesters, "we appreciate the enthusiasm that y'all bring out here today, but you're just gonna waste your voices and your time and your energy."
Police kept the two sides apart, but they did manage to argue a bit over the barricades.

Here's a sample of the discourse.
For more about @RodWebber's fiery blood ritual demonstration at the beginning of this thread, here's the press release he sent out about it.

Rod, in the tradition of @VerminSupreme, uses very performative protest techniques to make his points.
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