heres why being lgbtq+ is not a trend; a thread

(tw // homophobia)
so many people have told me this, and its not even funny. when somebody discovers themselves (gender, sexuality, etc.) its never a choice. if it were a choice, everyone would choose to be straight because it is the most openly accepted sexuality. +
whenever somebody tells anybody that being lgbtq+ is a trend, i feel like biting my own hands off. many people have found out who they are and what they like because of other people. if other people didnt tell us new information, we wouldn't know anything. +
especially through social media, people communicate about their interests. as its happened to me, ill read something and sometimes i'll identify with it. of course, you arent going to identify with every single sexuality or gender that you see. +
this is such a normal thing and i keep seeing people describe being lgbtq+ as a trend. its not a fucking trend. its finding out who you are. just because there are a lot of us doesnt mean that we're doing it for clout. we're genuinely in love and just trying to be ourselves.
pls retweet this if you can, im so tired of this bullshit man :(
btw, im following everyone who retweets this. im so sorry for all of your struggles. and as a person who has been denied of their own sexuality, i feel for you.
thank you all so much for the retweets, i really appreciate this being spread out for more people to see.
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