Remember after the election when Trump unexpectedly won it, a lot of ass covering maneuvering went on from Nov '16 to Jan. 2017.

Including an attempt to lay down a FALSE TRAIL for the Steele Dossier to get into the FBI's hands via Senator John McCain
Since Hillary was going to win and this was all about preparing to shaft the Trump family once Hillary was fully in power, a hell of a lot of gear shifting had to be accomplished before the transition completed at the January 2017 inauguration.
Where the Steele Dossier actually came from and who created it and why was **never** supposed to become an issue, even after they made use of it to get that 'insurance policy' warrant in late October 2016.

Trump pulling off a massive upset meant all of a sudden where the Steele Dossier came from, who paid for it, who the sources were became a MASSIVE LIABILITY.

So the SpyGate plotters set about establishing **an alternative path** for the FBI to get the dossier.
In this alternative path, Hillary Clinton & the DNC's fingerprints would be completely washed off the finished product when Senator John McCain brought the dossier to FBI Director James Comey in December of 2016.

This way it's not coming from partisan Democratic sources.

The **cover story** would be that it was retired intelligence officials in the UK that tipped off McCain and Kramer about the Steele Dossier information.

This allowed them to establish a fake intelligence predicate.
If you want the full story about the false cover story that was quickly concocted after the 2016 election to establish a false trail for the Steele Dossier arriving in the FBI's hands, you're in luck!

Because I wrote about it several times.

Kramer **openly admitted** the strategy was to find a way to get the Dossier into the FBI hands via Republicans because it would not look partisan.
"He" in that first sentence in the previous tweet who wanted to 'find a way to get the dossier to the FBI' is none other than Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS.
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