WE Charity co-founders Marc and Craig Kielburger have just released a bunch of documents to the Finance Committee about the Canada Student Service Grant. Here is what we've learned so far #cdnpoli
Sophie Trudeau attended 8 WE events between 2012-2020 and her expenses, which were hotels, car service, and flights, totaled $23,940.76. She also got $240 in gifts.

This is on top of a $1500 on time speaking fee she got for one of the events #cdnpoli
When Bill Morneau paid WE $41K the day before his testimony to discuss his involvement in the CSSG, he wasn't given a physical invoice. WE just estimated what the cost of the trips were, and told his staff #cdnpoli
What was covered in the $41K Morneau paid back?

- flights to and from Kenya and Ecuador, and local charter flights
- WE and Local guides
- Food and accommodations
- "All activities in WE communities," including building a WE school #cdnpoli
When Morneau and his family were in Ecuador, they took a "motorized canoe from Coca to Minga Lodge."

Here is the WE brochure on Minga Lodge #cdnpoli

Craig and Marc Kielburger spoke with the following Ministers over the last two years #cdnpoli

Jean-Yves Duclos
Bill Morneau
Mary Ng
Bardish Chagger
Amarjeet Sohi
Pablo Rodriguez
Before WE signed the CSSG, they hired 196 program staff, 247 educators, and 22 others to manage the grant. Once the CSSG was terminated, WE laid all these people off #cdnpoli
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